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By Andy Davie

GENRE: Horror

Sixteen year old Kendra learns the family’s dark secret the hard way. She discovers she’s a werewolf, just like her parents!  


Kendra Swithin is a typically rebellious sixteen year old girl living in suburbia with her seemingly average, middle aged parents. Being an only child Kendra has always been well protected by her Mum, Jenny and Dad, Mark... perhaps a little over protected.

Naturally Kendra wants her freedom and isn’t afraid to push the boundaries set by Mum and Dad to achieve that freedom. So when Kendra gets grounded for smoking weed, she decides to sneak out of the house to meet up with her boyfriend, Sam.

It’s the usual sort of thing teenagers get up to, except that Jenny and Mark used the weed smoking as an excuse to ground Kendra and keep her safe at home. Their real reasons for wanting their daughter safe at home are far more sinister than Kendra could possibly imagine.

The Swithin family has a dark and deadly secret.

After a strange episode on the London Underground, which Kendra can’t quite recall, she meets up with and goes out to have fun with her boyfriend Sam. But when they get to their friend Lisa’s house, Kendra is taken ill.

Jenny and Mark discover that Kendra has escaped the house, so Mark goes out to search for her, while Jenny phones around and waits at home. By the time Mark tracks Kendra down to Lisa’s house, he discovers that she’s been rushed to hospital by Sam and his friends.

Desperate to keep their dark and deadly secret, Mark and Jenny go to the hospital and with Sam’s help get Kendra out of there before the doctors can do any tests. They rush their daughter home and send Sam away with a flea in his ear. Jenny and Mark look after Kendra as any loving parents would and give her some herbal tea.

The following day, Kendra wakes up believing she’s been drugged by her parents and suffered a terrible nightmare. Angry at her parents she runs away to be with Sam, but come nightfall, Kendra is taken ill again. Ready for what is to come Jenny and Mark are nearby, watching and waiting to pick up the pieces.

A vicious fight breaks out between Lisa and her alcoholic foster parents. All hell breaks loose with Kendra in the thick of it. Kendra’s strange illness reaches its peak and she transforms into a full blown werewolf!

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