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By Andy Davie

GENRE: Drama, Fantasy

A journalist wakes after an accident to discover the world has become a peaceful, harmonious, uptopia. But is it all too good to be true?


Journalist, Chris Foreman is recovering from a terrible car crash. At home with his wife Sue and son James, Chris is suffering memory lapses and tortured flashbacks, but slowly picking up the pieces of his life. Though physically Chris appears well on the mend, the nightmarish flashbacks start to intrude into his waking hours. The hallucinations worsen, yet he notices how idyllic life has otherwise become during his recovery.

Many of the problems of the world seem to have been solved while he has been incapacitated, though he doesn’t recall these marvellous events unfolding. Convinced that something is seriously wrong, he is counselled by his wife and her new friend Isaac Lee, a local psychologist.

Just as Chris accepts his new utopian existence he wakes in a hospital bed, to be told he has been in a coma for some eighteen months and that all he has experienced has not been real. Worse yet, his wife and child have been killed in the accident, which left him in the coma.

Essentially Chris wakes to the real world, alone and broken. The stark reality of a brutal world full of pain and anguish pushes Chris over the edge. While his doctor, Richard Lee, the twin brother of the deceased Isaac, works on helping Chris recover; Chris becomes determined to find a way back to his family.

He tries to get the doctor to help him, but cannot convince Richard that what he experienced was anything more than a creation of his unconscious mind. Undeterred Chris researches comas and how to induce them.

Armed with knowledge gleaned from the Internet, and equipment stolen from the hospital, Chris discharges himself and goes home in search of his dream. After a hasty meeting with a local drug dealer, Chris sets about putting himself into a coma.

When Dr. Richard Lee finds Chris dead at home and connected to a makeshift IV drip, he is deeply upset, but can’t help wondering if Chris found his family. The closing scene reveals that Chris does indeed get home to his family.

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