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By Andy Davie

GENRE: Horror, Thriller

The voices haunting Chrissie, aren't in her head!


After the recent loss of her wealthy parents, Chrissie Parker and her husband set off on a holiday to try and recover from their tragic loss. While trying to come to terms with her grief, at a secluded european lakeside retreat, Chrissie is disturbed by repeatedly hearing the voices of her departed parents. Slowly being driven deeper into despair by what she assumes is some form of post traumatic stress, Chrissie is thrown into a nightmare that threatens to destroy the last vestages of her sanity, until she realises that the voices are not just a product of her mind.

Real Izvest

Interesting but impossible premise is what comes to my mind UNLESS you can actually generate a story where no one hears what she hears because she has superior hearing. Then that promises all kinds of imaginings. It might work..!

Andy Davie

Sorry it's taken me so long to respond Real. I see what you mean and have changed the logline a little so as to suggest she may not be the ONLY person able to hear the voices... The idea is that the ghosts of her parents are trying to warn her about the danger she is in from her murderous husband... thus they only really speak to her. Hope that makes more sense. Cheers, Andy

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