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By Judson Vaughan

GENRE: Thriller, Crime

Two estranged friends reunite but before settling down one disappears on a job leaving his buddy with his dog to look after and their world changes forever.



When a blast from the past knocks one day at Dominic Pearson's house, he is asked to do an old friend (Calvin) a favour and look after his little dog (Trigger) - what can possibly go wrong? Calvin mysteriously disappears again and it's not long before his new canine friend Trigger, gets Dominic into a fix that changes all their lives and not necessarily for the better -- next morning Dominic takes Trigger for a walk in the nearby forest. There, they chance upon two men, Rowtledge and Justin, quite clearly up to no good who attempt to cover-up their wrong doing - Dominic’s curiosity leads him back to the woodlands the next day, taking his new canine friend Trigger with him... where they discover a dead body buried in the woods.

Trigger it seems, is a dog with connections and an unnerving past. It's not long before his new owner Dominic is dragged by Trigger's lead into a world of waiting trouble... Trigger has a secret all of his own.

Trigger is an inventive twisted thriller/crime drama. A 'not your everyday couple' are exposed to a reality of a life we all know exists and their new found friend Trigger, a dog, captivates their hearts and minds as they're led unwittingly on an adventure that will change unsuspecting circumstances forever. Trigger (certainly not your ordinary dog) is full of mischief and incite.


'Man, a dogs best friend'

Trigger the feature screenplay, was Official Selection at the 16th Beverly Hills Film Festival 2016.

A Finalist at the Hill Country Film Festival and Shiver International Film Festival 2016.

Official Selection of Oaxaca Film Festival 2018.

Winner of the Royal Reel Award, Canada International Film Festival 2016.

Winner of the Richard Vetere Screenplay Award, Long Island Film Festival 2016.

Winner of Gold Award, Screenplay Competiton, California Film Awards 2016.

Winner of Gold Award, L.A. Neo Noir Novel, Film & Script Film Festival 2017.

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