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By Jefferson McClure

GENRE: Comedy, Romance

When her Daddy decides to sell her French Quarter nightclub to a soulless corporation, a young, heartsick woman blunders through attempts to seduce the buyer in order to save the club and hold on to the ghost of her deceased fiancé.


Three years after the tragic death of her fiancé, Henry, on the night before their wedding, Livvy Chaleureux finds herself on the verge of losing Zeitgeist, the nightclub that was Henry’s big dream. "THEIR dream...", Livvy tells herself every time Henry’s ghost pops up to remind her of her loss. But when she discovers that her Daddy’s selling out the club to a soulless corporation, and that Henry’s best man, Jude, is closing the deal, Livvy’s fragile emotional state collapses. Out of the shambles, she somehow gets the idea that the only way to save the club is to trick Jude into falling madly in love with her. But even with the help of the ghost of her dead fiancé and her savvy transsexual best friend, Eloelle, Livvy’s limited seduction skills seem doomed to (hilarious) failure. And when she finds that she’ll have to battle Jude’s boss (a sexy Scandinavian cougar) for his affections, Livvy finds herself waking up under the bar more often than standing behind it. In spite of her single-minded spiral towards self-humiliation, Livvy’s options aren’t as bleak as they seem. Jimmy King, an eccentric local music hero and an old friend of the Zeitgeist, offers Livvy enigmatic guidance that might not be what she’s looking for, but may be exactly what she needs. Once she opens herself up to her own voice (and her long-repressed dreams of singing her own songs), Livvy discovers that her diabolical plan has imploded. She’s actually fallen in love with Jude. Much to Livvy’s surprise; however, her poisonous plan somehow bears fruit--Jude has fallen for her as well. But when her duplicitous actions turn back against her, Livvy finds herself winning the battle for her club, but losing the war for her own heart. And when a propitious hurricane bears down on the city, Livvy must discover how to share her true self, before it’s too late.


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