Sam Oster's Reel

Teacup Ballet

This is a stop-motion screen dance inspired by Olive Cotton's 1935 photograph "Teacup Ballet". The film was made in collaboration with choreographer Felecia Hick.

Mute Stark Rich

MUTE :: STARK :: RICH is a screen dance project created as a result of a dance film mentorship. I worked with 3 dancers (Billie Cook, Felecia Hick, Sarah Cartwright) as a photographer and emerging moving image artist, and we were funded by Arts SA to work with a dance film mentor Sue Healey (Sydney) to produce a first-stage development of a screen dance piece.

String Theory

String Theory is a timelapse exploration of the concept of String Theory, developed in collaboration with dancer and choreographer Billie Cook. We presented the project with 3 separate soundtracks at a Moving Image exhibition (SALA Festival 2008), and audiences could view the work with a choice of these 3 soundtracks.


'Circuit' was made with dancer and choreographer Felecia Hick. We were interested in working on location with movement inspired by the landscape. The piece was shot in a single day and the film was resolved in the edit with the support of editor David Ngo (Cutting Room).


'Grow' is a timelapse of a discarded fan in the garden. Over 8 months the foliage gradually starts to grow around the fan, and we see the seasons changing as the fan sits unaffected by the cycles around it. The timelapse was captured on an old Nikon D100 using Nikon Capture software to manage the timing of the shots.


Melt is a timelapse of an old radiant heater, frozen in a block of ice, as it melts across the day. It was shot in the city against the backdrop of the Adelaide cityscape, on the balcony of a hotel. The piece explores the urban use of electrical energy.

Zephyr Quartet

A quick stop-motion stills sequence shot in the studio, of Belinda Gelhert (Zephyr Quartet) with some visual art by Jo Kerlogue..The final edited version with sound can be seen on Nonchalant Sally's facebook page. It was shot as a promo fr their show "Micro Macro".

Multi-camera timelapse over Adelaide

This project was shot for a property developer in Adelaide to be used at an event to promote the project. Four cameras captured the view from dusk to night from a city highrise rooftop and these image sequences were projected into a theatre with a rooftop garden set.

The Forest Traversed

This is a short film I made with dance artist Billie Cook as part of a residency with Forestry SA.

Drift- Domestic Oblivion I

This is a time-lapse piece shot on a rail with a motor and controller, to add shifts in both time and space to the work. The Electric Still-Life reflects on our electrical lives, and the history of practical electricity - this formal arrangement of objects in a domestic setting intends to challenge the traditional still-life and reflect on the 'Vanitas' Dutch Still life tradition.

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