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By Patricia Fox

GENRE: Drama
LOGLINE: The Chief of Police investigates the murder of a woman, discovering the town's secrets, including one about him; the victim is his half-sister which complicates his investigation because he slept with her.


Sherrie Harris had a reputation of being a drinker who liked to party and spend money. Her body's discovered on the city/county line after an early Spring blizzard. She's been bludgeoned to death, her body then feasted on by a coyote. She's rumored to have been having an affair with the town's most successful businessman, a local car dealership owner named Harvey Boyle, famous for his regional television ads that she "stars" in. His wife Josephine's of "old" timber wealth and she has her own agenda, protecting her family's perceived legacy. Leonard Shepherd sets out to solve the case, with the bumbling help of his two small town officers. He has to live down the last murder investigation in the town which went unsolved, partially due to the Chief's drinking problem. A young girl was raped and murdered and he is haunted by his failure. Leonard's soon-to-be ex-wife is selling their house after she's fixes it up and plans to leave the town all together. His investigation leads him into his past as he discovers his familial connections with both the murder victim and the murderer. He unravels a series of secrets, revealing Sherrie and Josephine are both his half-sisters and their father is a powerful and corrupt Sheriff of the county.


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