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By Patricia Fox

GENRE: Drama
LOGLINE: A young insurance investigator encounters the lone survivor of a plane crash who resembles her mother who disappeared 25 years ago.


Iris Stone watched her father and emergency workers search for her mother's body along the shores of Big Sur twenty-five years ago but they never found her. Her ten-year old self wishes she could have saved her mother from presumably drowning. Iris grows up, distant and aloof, always trying to twist free from her grief, to forget. As an insurance claim negotiator, she encounters the lone survivor of a plane crash, a woman with a lot to hide. Most of all, she needs to hide her true identity from Iris. Iris investigates and discovers that this woman is really her mother but the devastating truth is that she didn't leave her husband and child for the reasons people might expect; she left because it is her curse to never age and to never die. She is currently on the run from her current husband, whom she stole money from in order to facilitate her escape when people around her have started to comment how she isn’t aging. Iris and her father, who's welcoming his impending death because he believes he will be reunited with his wife in the afterlife, must come to terms with this bizarre truth and Iris must decide if, this time, in a much different way, she is willing and able to help her mother survive when her father, in extreme grief, tries to kill her and himself at the same time.

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