Loglines & Screenplays by Trevor Scott Chittick

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Bob's Burgers - 'Manic Mailman Monday'

GENRES: Animation, Comedy

COMPLETED TV SPEC TELEPLAY: When Mike the mailman disappears, the Belchers' investigation leads them to Gayle's apartment ledge.

The Simpsons - 'I Doodly, Doodly, Doodly, Doodly, Do'

GENRES: Not selected

COMPLETED TV SPEC TELEPLAY: At a kareoke ABBA sing-along, Ned Flanders falls for a woman just like him - too much like him.

The Seventh Saint


A terminally ill woman and her suicidal grandson make a pact.


GENRES: Horror, Thriller

A bullied teen exacts revenge on his tormentors.

The Fan

GENRES: Comedy

The inspiration for this comedy comes from all the people who are obsessed with celebrities. I wondered what would happen if one of them suddenly snapped over something trivial. This is the result.

Final Decree

GENRES: Sci-fi, Thriller

A futuristic fascist United States government attempts to orchestrate a modern day holocaust.

Postal: A Mailman's Last Day

GENRES: Comedy

Semi-autobiographical fiction based on fact about a mailman who loses his sanity. A future novel adaptation.

My Mother Wants to Meet Anne Murray

GENRES: Comedy

A road trip comedy in the vein of Little Miss Sunshine involving a contest winner who wins the chance to meet her favourite singer.

Why Won't You Die Miss Tutley?

GENRES: Comedy

A social/political, satirical farce based on the hyper-conservatism in the United States.

Lost Together


A coming-of-age drama about two high school boys who are like oil and water, yet come together to mask the dysfunction in their lives.

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