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Zack Van Eyck is a film and television screenwriter, director and producer based in Los Angeles. His feature films include the indie darling "Jupiter Landing" (2005), the award-winning auto racing film "Daytona Dream" (2010, Discovery Channel) and the romantic comedy "Three of One Kind" (2013). He optioned four feature screenplays in 2020 alone, including two with female protagonists.

Four of Zack's original television productions are available on Amazon Prime, including the Southern-influenced comedy satire "Sweet Caroline" and the sports-broadcast spoof "Coitus of the Week.” Those two projects were officially selected by 19 U.S. and Canadian film festivals, garnering 14 awards and nominations, including Best Director and Best Writer awards for Zack and a Best Actress award for Carolyn Meyer ("Sweet Caroline").

Zack's first novel was published when he was 12 and he began his professional journalism career at 14 as a sportswriter for The Anchorage Times. He won the Alaska Press Club's Best Columnist award at age 16 and then the Grantland Rice writing scholarship to attend Vanderbilt University. He won several national awards for investigative reporting and is known for breaking the “Skinwalker Ranch” story in 1996 while working for the Deseret News in Salt Lake City.

Zack is also an astrologer and metaphysician. He has two amazing daughters and is a founding member of the punk rock tribute band Ramones Alive.


Feature films:

“Jupiter Landing” (87 minutes, dramedy, 2006): Five reclusive slackers band together to fight eviction from their apartment house, only to be thrown into a tailspin of emotional and moral confrontation. Official selection, Berlin Film Festival:

“Daytona Dream” (90 minutes, sports docu-drama, 2010; also co-director): Feature doc on 24 Hours of Daytona race for Discovery HD Theater Channel:

“Three of One Kind” (comedy, 2013): When his latest relationship crumbles, Richard invites an ex-girlfriend to lunch and recounts his three recent love affairs, which seemed to send the same message. Will he decipher that message in time to recognize the imperfect woman who’s perfect for him?


“Adventures of Rahul” (Scrappy Productions, dramedy series, 2021): An Indian-American IT salesman abandons his friends, family and morality to become a hip hop star. ?v=Bg-2yu1V2i8&t=32s

“Sweet Caroline” (comedy series, 2015; also directed by): Caroline’s polyamorous husband, an unscrupulous producer and a rodent infestation conspire to ruin her reality show: ?v=JClz4zvav7I

“Coitus of the Week” (Amazon Prime comedy, 2016; also directed by): Two pro sex-aletes compete in front of a live audience, trying to force their opponent to have an orgasm in this sports parody:

“Good News Gone Bad” (Amazon Prime comedy, 2015): Members of the Channel One news team are so desperate to win their time slot and save their jobs, they decide to fake a mass murder on live TV:

“Caroline the Job Hunter” (Amazon Prime comedy, 2016): In this prequel to “Sweet Caroline,” illiterate Southern trailer-trash queen Caroline McCluskey shoots for the sky with a series of self-conducted job interviews designed to catapult the eighth-grade graduate into a full-time job that ain’t scrubbin’ toilets: ?v=4l0VYaLro-Y

“Family Fuel” (Speed Network reality series, 2012; also director): A behind-the-scenes look at the fast times and hard lives of the drivers and crew of Level 5 Motorsports during the 2011 season. (unavailable)

“Emerald City” (10-part miniseries, comedy satire, writer-director): Community Cable TV, Eugene, Ore.

“Eugene’s Worst Team” (six-part mockumentary, writer-director): Community Cable TV, Eugene, Ore.

Short films:

“New Religion” (10 minutes, comedy, 2013, Caragh Lake Films): A man planning to start his own religion seeks advice from a church pastor, who tries to dissuade him: ?v=d28ritHCV_8&

“The Shrunken Bar” (6 minutes, comedy, 2015, We Make Movies Productions): A former psychiatrist puts his analytical skills to use during his first day on the job as a bartender: ?v=PCNywsEQoo8

“Sunset Strip Crime” (9 minutes, comedy, 2015, Outlook Productions): Set in the 1950s, two detectives play good cop/bad cop after an actor is murdered. Nominated for Best Writing, 48-Hour Film Project: ?v=3dfiTk5ii-o

“Baby Momma Application” (5 minutes, comedy, 2014, We Make Movies Prods.): “Sweet” Caroline McCluskey’s debut as a Southern gal who applies for the position of surrogate mother: ?v=ekECU9qBl8g

“How to Get Out of a Speeding Ticket” (3 minutes, comedy, 2009, Madison Road Productions): Two women argue about the best way to convince a police officer to overlook a speeding offense: ?v=UiTo9W25dXw&list=PLqKBsESr2sQWf1YWPBswUx56lFLgfHZ0q&index=24&t=78s

“The Cricket” (15 minutes, comedy, 2014, Stranger Morning Prods.): A woman’s fear of insects reveals much about her true feelings for her unsympathetic partner:

“Raj the Weatherman” (7 minutes, comedy, 2020, Scrappy Productions): A TV meteorologist in India delivers more than the weather report but it may get him fired:

“The Love Rush” (14 minutes, comedy, 2013, Zutshi Prods.): When Troy literally runs into Lily, it’s love at first sight. But what happens in the first 15 minutes after they meet is the real rush:

“Guess Who’s Coming to Supper?” (12 minutes, comedy, 2011; also director): A ruthless developer is forced to reassess his life when some rather influential spirits invade his home:

“Next-Life Crisis” (7 minutes, comedy, 2011, 29 degrees Leo Prods.): A young soul with less-than-stellar credentials from his past lives attempts to negotiate a good deal for his next life:

“Neil Guru” (8 minutes, comedy, 2019, Scrappy Productions): A con artist, posing as a spiritual guru, tricks his "disciples" into following his doctrine and giving him all their money: ?v=pTSe9k5kujY

“The Other Side of Normal” (13 minutes, comedy, 2016): A woman who is happy and mentally balanced uses a free coupon to visit a psychoanalyst, only to be convinced her life is a mess. Directed by Matt Walsh.

New Media:

Six webisodes for the Youtube series “Hot and Crowded,” two of which topped 600,000 views (2010).

Film and TV scripts in development with production companies:

Feature Films: “Treasure of Atlantis,” sci-fi/romantic dramedy, Henriksen Productions; “The Guides of March,” romantic comedy, Henriksen Productions; “The Sound of the Game,” family sports dramedy, Cowboy’s Sweetheart Films; “House of Retribution,” suspense/thriller, Visions in Red Productions; “The Topsy-Turvy World of Thomas Telford,” family comedy, Feature Films for Families; “Shadow Killers,” action/thriller, High Integrity Productions; “Couch Potatoes,” family comedy, Feature Films for Families; “Starseed,” sci-fi drama, Shekinah Light Productions; “Jenny and the Light Queen,” family drama/adventure, Feature Films for Families; “Hockey Night in Mexico,” sports comedy, producer Justin Middendorf; “How I Survived Junior High Without Really Crying,” musical comedy, Feature Films for Families; “President Kenny,” broad comedy, producer Dean Mavrikis. “Hadley House,” family dramedy, Feature Films for Families.

Television: “Winds of Dakota,” historical miniseries adapted from novel series, Black Label Filmworks. “Trips,” situational comedy, Diaz Brothers Productions; “Paint the Wind,” historical miniseries adapted from novel, Black Label Filmworks;

Unique traits: Can shape-shift into any animal or alien form.



  • Alley Cats

    Alley Cats Comedy Drama Fantasy Romance Sci-fi Five young city dwellers question reality after a mysterious crystal, discarded in a back-alley Dumpster, sends them on a dream-like exploration of their past lives in Atlantis. (Set entirely in one location, an urban back alley, with no special effects required. Thematic references to reincarnation and the lost continent of Atlantis. Ensemble cast. 85 pages.)

  • Bjorn Again

    Bjorn Again Drama Romance Bjorn Andersen, a 70-year-old widower, learns to live again when he joins a rock band in an effort to reach his suicidal grandson. He falls in love with his grandson’s girlfriend, an affair cut short by Bjorn’s death. But his spirit returns, inhabiting the body willingly vacated by his grandson’s tormented soul. A romantic saga that suggests true love endures beyond a single lifetime.

  • Bodychecking

    Bodychecking Comedy Romance The world’s best female hockey player tries to compete on a men’s minor league team. But her life is turned upside down when she falls in love with an eccentric goalie past his prime. (100 pages)

  • The Devil's Ranch

    The Devil's Ranch Drama Sci-fi Thriller A cattle rancher moves his family to rural Utah, only to discover their new home is a breeding ground for frighteningly bizarre phenomena intent on scaring them away – or worse. Based on a true story, set in 1996. (104 pages)

  • Dreadlocks

    Dreadlocks Comedy A prematurely bald man enjoys sudden popularity when his scientist buddy invents a tonic that instantly gives him a full head of hair. But the hair has a personality of its own and takes over his life. (104 pages)

  • The Eighth House

    The Eighth House Comedy Drama Fantasy Romance Thriller An amateur astrologer and womanizer, who believes his bad advice ruined the life of his former best friend, escapes a sex-worshipping cult and decides to make amends. But instead, he steals his old buddy’s girl and pushes him over the edge in this seriously warped, but smart, comedic romp. It’s AMERICAN BEAUTY meets AMERICAN PIE with a metaphysical twist. (102 pages)

  • Faded Glory

    Faded Glory Drama Sports A veteran pro basketball player making a comeback must work with a cocky, disrespectful rookie and a coach who has a grudge against him. (106 pages)

  • Five of a Kind

    Five of a Kind Drama Romance Sci-fi Thriller Five buddies on a Nevada gambling junket must re-evaluate their lives when an attractive, mysterious woman separately seduces each of them. Caught between reality and dreamlike confusion, the recently divorced and hopelessly depressed Nick Helton leads the effort to discover what the enchanting Maria is all about. What they don’t know is, the answer may kill them. It’s a modern take on the grim reaper myth. (103 pages)

  • Going in Circles

    Going in Circles Comedy Romance Sci-fi A small-town newspaper editor fakes a series of crop circles to boost circulation, but gets more than a front-page headline when he falls in love with the investigator who exposes him. (102 pages)

  • Hotel Wyoming

    Hotel Wyoming Adventure Comedy Romance An erroneous astrological reading convinces two disillusioned rock musicians to move to an isolated Wyoming town in search of happiness. But their bliss turns to dread as the quirky locals do their best to get rid of the rockers, fearing the town’s well-kept secret will be revealed to the world. (105 pages)

  • The Last Roommate

    The Last Roommate Comedy Drama A graduate unable to cope with the real world moves in with the misfit college buddies he thought he’d left behind, unaware of what it will take to escape the house with his life. Set in the 1980s, it’s ANIMAL HOUSE meets GROSS POINTE BLANK. (103 pages)

  • The Morning Noose

    The Morning Noose Comedy Crime Drama Romance A lewd and loathsome journalist uses his knowledge of the police beat to begin a life of crime, only to uncover corruption dirtier and seedier than he’d ever thought possible. Now all he has to do is report the conspiracy before a serial robber, the governor or a local millionaire take him out. With thematic references to Hunter S. Thompson. (111 pages)

  • UnderServed

    UnderServed Action Adventure Comedy Crime Romance A young private detective is hired to serve divorce papers in Europe, but his client’s husband turns out to be an undercover CIA agent. To avoid blowing his cover, the detective pretends to be the agent’s nephew. But they get along more like sibling rivals as they try to escape a pair of assassins and rescue a young woman from the Russian mob. (110 pages)

  • Winning Isn't Everything

    Winning Isn't Everything Comedy Sports Players on a high school football team, about to set a record for consecutive losses, discover losing makes them more popular than winning. But their devil-may-care attitude leads to growing success and they find themselves in position to end the school’s decade-long losing streak. But is that what they want? It’s THE LONGEST YARD meets SCARY MOVIE. (102 pages)

  • The Sound of the Game

    The Sound of the Game Comedy Drama Family Sports A 12-year-old girl paralyzed in an on-field baseball accident heals her broken spirit, and her relationship with her father, by becoming a radio broadcaster for a local minor league team. When her outspoken nature gets her in trouble with the club’s manager, she leaves the broadcast booth and joins her father in coaching her old baseball team to a title. In the process, she inspires her downtrodden father to recover and reunite with her mother.

  • Spiders and Snakes (short)

    Spiders and Snakes (short) Crime Drama Romance A teenager bored with his small-town life finds excitement in the company of a female fugitive. But the journey she takes him on could be his last. Male lead, 16. Female lead, late teens to mid-20s. Four male supporting characters, a teen, an older man and two police officers. Exteriors near a freeway and on a country road. Interiors in a van, a car and a house. Drama, 11 pages.

  • The Importance of Being Furnished (short)

    The Importance of Being Furnished (short) Comedy Romance When a couple decides to move in together, her insistence on renting a furnished apartment brings the many issues in their relationship to light. Male and female leads, 20s to 30s. Interiors in apartment. Comedy, 5 pages.

  • Abby Normal (short)

    Abby Normal (short) Comedy A woman who is happy and mentally balanced uses a free coupon to visit a psychoanalyst, only to be convinced her life is a mess and she sorely needs counseling. Two female leads. Interior/exterior, office. Comedy, 10 pages.

  • Customer Service (short)

    Customer Service (short) Comedy A customer driven insane by his bank's ridiculous policies and its clerks' incessant salesmanship tries to get even by robbing it. But can his stick-up message get past the corporate red tape or will he simply open a new account? Male lead, female lead, any age, several supporting roles/extras. Interior and exterior of small bank branch. Comedy, 6 pages.

  • Buyer Be Where?

    Buyer Be Where? Comedy A hard-to-please baseball fan drives a scalper crazy when he turns his nose up at every ticket he is offered. But is this prospective buyer simply picky or does he have an ulterior motive? Two male leads, one is 20s-30s, other is 30s-50s. One supporting male, any age. About a dozen extras (non-speaking). Exterior street corner, preferably with stadium in background. Comedy, 6 pages.

  • The Body Shop (short)

    The Body Shop (short) A sex-starved clerk at an auto parts store is besieged with customer requests for human body parts. Male lead. Two male supporting roles, one female supporting role. Interior, auto shop. Exterior, city street. R-rated comedy, 4 pages.

  • Love in Subtitles (short)

    Love in Subtitles (short) Comedy LOVE IN SUBTITLES – A comical day in the life of a suburban couple is explored using subtitles, for every line of dialogue, to show what the characters are really thinking. Male and female leads in their 30s, a 13-year-old girl, 10-year-old boy, a male and female neighbor (20s-40s), a few extras and a dog. Comedy, 17 pages.

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