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By Steven P Baer

GENRE: Comedy, Drama
LOGLINE: At an isolated beach house in Baja, Mexico, an inhibited hospice caretaker gets lessons in living large from a terminally ill, homophobic grumpy old man who thinks he is Elvis.


JESUS, a young hospice caretaker, takes a job caring for MR. JONES, a terminally ill, ill-tempered, homophobic old man. Mr. Jones assumes that Jesus being a male nurse, must be a homosexual. Jesus vehemently denies that he is gay; however, Mr. Jones refuses to believe otherwise. The two are at odds with each other from day one. Jesus soon learns that old man believes himself to be Elvis. Jesus refuses to even consider the possibility that Mr. Jones could actually be the king of rock and roll. As Mr. Jones’ health declines, a tenuous bond form between Mr. Jones and Jesus. Mr. Jones stresses the importance in believing in oneself. Jesus becomes a more confident person. Jesus stresses the importance of accepting people for who they are. Mr. Jones becomes a more caring person. Just before Mr. Jones passes, Jesus admits to Mr. Jones that he accepts the old man truly is Elvis. Mr. Jones also accepts Jesus for who he is regardless of his sexual preference. Contained environment - limited cast

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