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By Steven P Baer

GENRE: Horror
LOGLINE: A software programmer discovers a diary written by a self-proclaimed witch and slowly becomes corrupted as he reads the contents of the journal.


WITCH is two stories told simultaneously. The first story is about SARAH, a woman who wrote a diary about her life in America during the late 1600’s. Sarah starts using “Mother’s Wisdom”, a benign form of witchcraft, to help survive the rigors of frontier life. After her sister is raped and killed, Sarah turns to a darker form of magic to seek revenge. She is driven insane in the process. The other story is about ELIOT, a young computer programmer, who discovers Sarah’s diary. Eliot slowly becomes obsessed with the diary. He begins experimenting with Sarah’s magic spells and inadvertently brings Sarah’s spirit back into the present world. Sarah possesses LUCY, Eliot’s new love interest. Sarah, who is still totally insane, kills Eliot. WITCH has no elaborate special effects, cheap thrills and only a minor splattering of blood; however, the story is both intelligent and scary as hell.

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