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By Mary Krell-Oishi

GENRE: Not selected
LOGLINE: When Carrie, owner of a struggling family bakery, is forced to accept a loan from her ex husband in order to keep the business going, she discovers that her feelings for him are making the crossover from hate to...what?


Carrie 30-ish divorcee is struggling to keep her family bakery business afloat when her ex husband from England, Bryan, appears on the scene under the guise of looking out for his 40% interest in the business. When an elderly customer, Mrs. Felix, accidentally drives her car through the front of the bakery and it turns out the insurance won’t cover the repairs and the bank won’t loan her money nor can her current actor boyfriend, Chris, afford to help her, she is reduced to accepting money from her ex husband in return upping his share of the business to 50%. He takes over the remodel, organizes and expands the business and finds himself falling in love with her again. She, too, discovers that her feelings for him are coming back even though she has a boyfriend. In a key moment, the favorite elderly customer suffers a heart attack and Bryan saves her life. Carrie now sees Bryan with news eyes. They fall into bed, however the morning brings reality. Afraid of being hurt again, she turns him down, and he decides to go back to England. Carrie visits Mrs. Felix in the hospital and she advises Carrie that life is short and to choose joy. During their conversation it is revealed that Mrs. Felix’s first name is Meg and her maiden name was Ryan. Carrie makes the choice to follow “Meg Ryan’s” advice. She finds Bryan before he leaves and scoops him up in her arms, choosing joy and love as “Meg Ryan,” advised her to do.

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