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By A Jay Adler

GENRE: Film-noir
LOGLINE: A rock and roll roadie murders his rich, identical twin, assuming his identity and staging the death as his own suicide. When the roadie's detective lover investigates, she begins to fall for the man she thinks the rich twin – until she stumbles on evidence that the rich brother murdered his wife.


Roadie Jack Miles, late 30's, a decent guy with no guiding light, a gambling spirit, but a losing soul, is back home in the San Joaquin Valley, down on his luck and hooked up with Evelyn “Sonny” Morales, a tough and sexy detective who’s unlucky in love and suspicious of men. Remaking old, shady high school acquaintances, Jack is approached about helping to rob his wealthy and widowed, but estranged twin brother, Joseph. The cool hard answer is no, until love for Sonny and a bitter row with a hateful Joseph end with Joseph’s death. Using Joseph’s body, Jack stages his own suicide as a cover and sets up an interrupted robbery at Joseph’s mansion to give himself, as Joseph, an alibi. Shaken by the blow of Jack’s apparent death, Sonny investigates the robbery of his brother. Vulnerable and attracted to her lover’s likeness, Sonny responds to his twin, who, as Jack, can’t believe he’s created this chance to have it all. But the old friends were going wrong in more than one direction, with one of them, Augustus “Crank” Wilson, secretly Joseph’s gay lover during his marriage. After the uncomfortable complications this creates for Jack, Crank ends up dead. Sonny’s investigation into his murder takes a surprising turn, offering up stunning evidence that Joseph’s wife died not from heart disease, but poison. Now Jack, apparently home free for the murder of Joseph, is under suspicion, as Joseph, for the murder of Joseph’s wife. Uncertain, as the circumstances narrow, who is who and who knows what, the questions for Sonny and Jack become haunting and clear. How many ways can the same two people love? How many times can you get away with murder? How many chances do you get to win?


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