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By Christian D Chapra

GENRE: Thriller
LOGLINE: An advertising man's attempt to change careers may endanger the world, his sanity, or both.


Barry wakes up for the first time in several weeks, without the flu. On his way back to work, he sees a billboard for a talent show called "Reach for the Stars", an "American Idol" type show. Barry resolves to quit his job, and enter this show, reviving his passion for singing, which he abandoned, to get a "real job". When he tells his boss of his plans, Barry wonders if he has just given the man a stroke. When his boss acts like nothing happened, Barry tells some of his co-workers about the incident. They act oddly, and suddenly the world completely stops. He looks around trying to understand what has happened when suddenly everything starts up again. Terrified, he visits his beloved aunt, and wonders if he is going insane. But now, his Aunt is acting strangely. Is Barry cracking up, or is something even stranger going on? (Author's note: Please contact me if you are seriously interested in producing this script. I have not uploaded the full script. I am protecting it very stridently, because of the plot twist at the end. It is 13 pages long. If I do not receive any interest from Stage 32 members, I will produce this film next year.)

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