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By Richard Jones

GENRE: Horror, Sci-fi
LOGLINE: A reanimated corpse is all that stands between order and a supernatural gang war, or else the match to light it up.


LUCAS BARNARD doesn't believe his life can get any worse. A dead family, an uncontrollable psychic power and the only job he can hold long enough to get paid is as a pourer in a bar frequented by hungry supernaturals. The only thing holding the various warring factions apart in the club is the threat of the club's namesake and owner, MARY. You don't want to cross MARY. Which doesn't really help LUCAS when MARY leaves him in charge for the night. LUCAS manages to survive pretty well right up until he notices the dead guy sitting at his bar. Not the normal type of dead guy either. This one doesn't have fangs or bolts sticking out of his neck and he's not slavering for brains. LUCAS figures out pretty quickly that the MAN is a revenant, a dead person brought back to life for a purpose. Only problem is, the MAN has no memory of his life, no idea why he's back in a life, and no clue what to do next. Despite himself, LUCAS reaches out to touch the MAN, which triggers LUCAS's psychic power. He's a reader. When he touches something, he knows -- experiences -- that object's history. When he touches a person, he can live that person's life in a flash of seconds that feels like lifetimes, his body roaring in agony the entire time. After he recovers, LUCAS realizes he knows the MAN's purpose. He's been brought back to kill a being named NATHANIEL, one of the higher leaders in the local vampire scene. Even worse, LUCAS realizes that the would-be programmer of killers is none other than DESHALE, a vertically challenged vampire who's had it in for LUCAS for years. Even more worse, NATHANIEL just walked into the bar.


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William Gunn

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William Gunn

Interesting idea. Perhaps lighten up on the Exposition a bit as well as the Dialog. Otherwise it could probably go very far. Just a thought.

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