Jamie Hall's Reel

The Rout of Civilization

From "War of the Worlds: The True Story". This cue is from a later passage in the film as humanity desperately tries to regroup from the devastating blows it has taken from the Martian onslaught. Tired and having suffered massive casualties, humanity is on the run, but they cannot outdistance the massive Martian war machines and their deadly black smoke, which blankets and kills humans en masse. Is the clock running out on man's time on earth?


From "War of the Worlds: The True Story" This is music from the very end of movie. It starts with Wells' return to Leatherhead and the realization that it, and everyone there, has been destroyed. He realizes that his wife has not survived. However as the cue continues, Wells experiences a quite unexpected reunion.

Love Theme/The First Cylinder

From "War of the Worlds: The True Story". This is the love theme from War of the Worlds: The True Story. This cue is played during our first introduction to Wells and his wife in the film. It is followed immediately in the film by the first Martian cylinder streaking across the night sky and crashing down in Horsell Common.

The Heat Ray

From "War of the Worlds: The True Story" This music is from when the Martians first turn their horrible heat ray upon humanity at Horsell Common. It covers the horror as the crowd is immedately throw into chaos as dozens of people are instantly vaporized by the weapon. Panic obviously ensues. The cue contines through the attack and into the sad aftermath, which shows many people having lost their lives and the landscape having been left ablaze from the Martian attack.

Dead London

From "War of the Worlds: The True Story" This is from Wells' trek through Dead London. The city has been completely abandoned and any humans or animals he finds left behind have been long dead. Wells starts to wonder if he might be the only human left alive and ruminates on how odd it is to be in the middle of on one of the biggest cities on Earth and yet be unbearably lonely. This cue includes one of my favorite shots of the film as the camera pulls out to show Wells as a speck, walking amidst a crumbling, desolate and abandoned London.

About Us Title

Theme Song for "About Us" TV Show produced by KCTS Seattle

Tony White ~ 'Endangered Species'

Director's Note: "Endangered Species" was a film I created exclusively to illustrate my recent book... 'Animation from Pencils to Pixels ~ Classical Techniques for Digital Animators'. The book is conceived to be the ultimate reference book for all contemporary animators, dealing with traditional techniques of movement and production process that can be utilized in the modern digital world.

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