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Randall Roffe
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Producer, screenwriter and translator in Orlando, Florida

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de_roffe@yahoo.com also on Facebook and LinkedIn

Now in Orlando area!

I helped translate The Illusion of Fear, an award-winning Ukrainian film, a few years back. Earlier, I wrote the original script Lustrous Earth which somehow became Wanda Nevada, and I worked with John Boorman on what was meant to have been his last film. Lately, I have been working on scripts with Alan Walsh, best known for his second unit direction on Braveheart. I do not work on anything that is not aimed for the very top. I am now working on a documentary about the Ukraine war and what led up to it, and shorts for intended features.

I acted in both English and Latin in high school and college, got ovations but never liked all the "hurry up and wait." Favorite roles were Shakespeare's Malcolm Canmore (MacBeth) and Julius Caesar. I insisted on real blood so the director squeezed out some from fresh liver. Later, I became camera operator, assistant director, and talk-show talent at my university. I've done a few hundred voice-overs, PSAs, ads, etc. I have a good rich voice and do it well. I was on global TV a couple years ago for a human rights organization. But the main thing I do now is write screenplays and novels and some technical nonfiction. You can find me on Facebook and LinkedIn, and see some praises on both of them from some significant people in the business. I get loads of compliments for my writing, not empty ones either, from award-winning directors, producers who can really distribute, and from many acting talents... but it still is hard to get a deal these days. I was just giving up on Stage 32, when I recently actually got some paying translation work through here.

Randall's Credits

O'Stin Productions computer games (2012)
Slava Yushchenko

Human Rights Spokesman in protest of China Olympics (2008)
Spokesperson at Kiev demonstration against Chinese human rights abuses
Taiwan TV channels; global broadcast

The Illusion of Fear (2008)
Translator into English, synch of subtitles
Kinotur, Dovzhenko Studios, Aleksandr Kirienko

Randy Rough Reggae (1988)
composer, vocals, electric and acoustic guitar
Titillator Music

Cosmic Crystalry (1985)
composer, synthesizers of New Age music
Titillator Music

Randy Rough (1985)
composer, vocals. electric and acoustic guitar, synthesizer
Titillator Music

Shades of Red (1985)
soundtrack for film project John Boorman was working on before his passing
John Boorman

Wanda Nevada (1978)
wrote synopsis and treatment
Peter Fonda

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Randall Roffe

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