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By Jolie East-Miji

GENRE: Action, Drama

BloodLine is set in Baltimore City, and follows the life of a young man named T.J who is forced into the mob life after the death of his beloved sister Ebony. A well known mob boss. BloodLine is an action drama like “Savages”, with the revenge feel of “Dead Man Down”, but the classiness of “The God Father”, and the grittiness of HBO’s “The Wire.”


Blood Line is a fictional story that chronicles the life of a young man named “T.J” the son of a late notorious mob boss named Tatius Sr.. Growing up T.J’s mom tried to keep the life that is father lived a secret from him, including his older half sister Ebony. However at the age of 10 his fathers world entered his when he bumped into the half sister he never knew on his way back from school one afternoon. From then on T.J and Ebony became inseparable ,and he became aquatinted with the mob life his sister was in charge of. Never wanting him to fully live the life she lived Ebony made sure he grew up the opposite of her and their father. She feared that once the blood that ran through his veins; got a taste of that life style it would be the death of her beloved brother. On one fateful day, Ebony is murdered viciously, leaving T.J heart broken and vengeful. This once calm, cool, and collective guy starts to change for the worse. Destroying anyone who gets in his way to find who killed his sister. This story takes you on a journey; following how one young man battles to keep not only his sanity but his innocence.


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