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By Roy Gonzales

GENRE: Action
LOGLINE: A old west US Marshall chases a gunslinger though a port-hole, landing them in present day Texas.


HELLBENDERS By Roy Gonzales This is the story of a U.S. Marshall’s race to take down the Wild West’s most notorious outlaw who has gained the ability to manipulate the rifts of time and hell to his will. When U.S Marshall JOHN MACHEN (30) takes up board in the Oriental hotel for the night in Helena, he has no idea that his life is about to be changed forever. A knock at the door and a spout of the name JOHNNY RINGO – the man he shot dead just a month earlier – thrusts him into the middle of a nightmare… or so he thinks. A trip through bloodstained halls of the Rosemont hotel leads him to a single room, decorated with hanging, headless corpses of bar whores, a pentagram drawn on the floor in their blood and Johnny Ringo sitting dead center. Having sworn allegiance to Hell, Johnny Ringo now possesses the power to manipulate time by bending the rifts of Hell. Determined to finish the job once and for all, John draws his six guns on Ringo and fires, but Ringo opens a time rift and leaps into it. John dives through after him. The rift opens, dropping John to the hot, sun-beaten desert floor just as a truck bounds toward him. Ushered in to the “horseless carriage”, John meets Erin (32), a young woman who has foreseen his arrival in her dreams and together they rush to present-day Helena where John is detained by the local sheriff. Unconvinced of who he says he is, SHERIFF SAM GURNEY (50) soon learns otherwise when John's words lead them to the rundown Good Night Motel. Failing to heed John's words, Sam draws on Ringo and is gunned down in cold blood. Ringo disappears. Erin takes John, now joined by the deputy sheriff, MIKE SINCLAIR (25), to the shop of an occultist magician named GABRIEL, who bestows John's six guns with supernatural powers and joins their cause. Together, John and his ragtag posse set off after Ringo, whose agenda has begun to tear open the continuum between Hell and Earth as demons pursue them at every turn. A game of cat and mouse ensues until John and his group follows Ringo through a rift into a bleak, future world of Helena – Hell on Earth. John is drawn to a twisted coliseum where Satan offers him the chance to gun down Ringo only after he competes for his legion’s amusement. John follows Ringo to an ashen, fire ravaged Helena. An old- fashioned showdown, John draws on Ringo. Bullets riddle Ringo’s chest and he falls. John, Erin and Gabriel turn away, John's future uncertain without a way to return to his own time period until an all-too- familiar sound erupts behind them. A rift has opened. Ringo has vanished and they are left with the grim realization that their journey has only just begun.

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