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By Roy Gonzales

GENRE: Drama, Independent, Other
LOGLINE: Two friends growing up in the middle of the 80's and have seen their share of hardship, now must test their friendship during this one night in their lives.


SUSAN AND QUASAR by Roy Gonzales This is the tale of two women and their journey from innocence to downfall to their ultimate redemption. Young QUASAR MORRIS (7) is terrorized by four other little girls on the school playground. Defenseless and outnumbered, she's hopeless... until SUSAN SILK (7) comes to her aide and returns fire. The bullies scatter and a new friendship is made. What starts as a harmless playdate quickly turns to a revealing look into their lives as they find Susan's mother, JULIE SILK, face down in her bed, overdosed on pills. Flash forward ten years later. Susan and Quasar, both beautiful young women. On the wrong side of the fence, they are constantly in trouble. Turbulent home lives, the allure of sex and drugs slowly begins to pick away at them, drawing them in. Susan has one good thing going for her, ROBERT LOPEZ (17). That is until he catches her screwing another guy. Much to Quasar's dismay, Susan rushes to salvage her relationship. Robert wants nothing to do with her now and his new girl, a beauty named LILIA MARTINEZ, reinforces that in no uncertain terms. A fight between the two leaves Lilia dead and Susan is sent to prison. Upon Susan's release, she turns to prostitution and drugs. Quasar's no better, dancing night after night in a rundown strip club, prostitute for the right price. FATHER KEVIN, a ruthless pimp, offers them to work for him. When they refuse, he tries to gun them down. Quasar's hit. They try to lose him in an alley, but it's no good. He hops in his car and speeds after them, hell bent on running them down. Susan hauls Quasar up a fire escape, onto a rooftop. Bullets whiz past them as Kevin open fires. All hope is almost lost when the police storm the scene and bring Kevin down. Despite all that happened, Susan returns to the same life- style, until her last ride leaves a corrupt cop dead by her hand. She is released in self-defense. A new start is upon her.


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