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By Roy Gonzales

GENRE: Action, Adventure
LOGLINE: When a town is under attack, and the weak needs a defender. La Sombra takes up his mantle and becomes something more than just a protector. He becomes a symbol of hope.


He is the work of legend, passed down from generation to generation. Feared by criminals and revered by heroes, he is the bringer of justice. He is La Sombra. 1930s Mexico - ungoverned and ruled by corrupt Federales. An old man is gunned down in cold blood after refusing to give up his gold. In his dying breath, the old man utters a single name: La Sombra. Enter ROBERT SALICIDO (17), a young idealist fed up with watching innocents terrorized, their freedom compromised. He dons the supernatural guise of La Sombra and hunts down the Federales. Flash forward to present day Los Angeles. JASON CUTTHROAT (45), a man with a bleak, sinister past, commands a crime syndicate named The Shadows. He wants what he wants and he doesn't give a crap who he steps on to get it, including the majority of the Salicido family, who are viciously gunned down in cold blood. Robert Salicido, now an old man in his final days, passes the secret of La Sombra to his great grandson, John (21), who whole-heartedly accepts the responsibilty, even though it will forever change not only his life, but the lives of everyone around him. La Sombra is back and there'll be hell to pay. Now that his destiny has been fulfilled, the torch passed, Robert passes away. John confronts Cutthroat and his men and narrowly misses his target. He quickly realizes Cutthroat has a much bigger hold on the city than anyone realizes. No need to rush to the authorities as he learns of their allegiance as well. The task at hand has now become much more difficult and there is little time to waste. Bloodbath after bloodbath, John mows through the crime and corruption plaguing the city. The lines of reality begin to blur as he feels La Sombra taking over his soul. His love, TIFFANY MAY (23), is the only thing in his life to actually reinforce his sense of reality and, when an attempt on his life by Cutthroat's men fails, they turn their sights on her. His search leads him to Cutthroat Aerospace, a high-tech facility tied with the military where an experimental defense satellite is about to be tested – on him! He outwits the machine and activates a self destruct then battles his way through Cutthroat's men to the chamber where Tiffany is held and a firefight ensues, claiming her life and sealing Cutthroat's fate. In a final showdown, Cutthroat is vanquished and John's reality is now forever sealed within the guise of La Sombra.


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