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By Roy Gonzales

GENRE: Action, Adventure, Thriller
LOGLINE: Terrorist launch a suicide bomber attack on a shopping center days before Christmas, and five friends who are Security Guards are left inside to try and stop them.


WAR IN SPRING GARDENS By Roy Gonzales This is the story of a group of security guards, their friendship and the ultimate test of their bonds to one another during the onslaught of disaster. The Spring Gardens Shopping Center security team: JAKE WATERS (23), RYAN PAGE (23), ALEX KITNER (22), HECTOR GOMEZ (22) and ERIC SIMON (21). They’re a bit rough around the edges but they know their jobs and they’d better. The Christmas shopping season is upon them and, as their boss ROBERT TOOD (45) explains, there’s bound to be trouble. Police Captain MATT FOX (35) is a hard nose cop. In fact, he’s a bit shady in character, the type to throw his own mother under the bus if there’s money involved. There’s a clash between his men and Robert’s guards on an ongoing basis, especially now that his men are stationed at the mall as extra security. They have their share of issues: a serial masturbator, gangs, the Black Hulk - the usual. Little do they know, there’s a new set of eyes targeting the mall, a terrorist named AL-RUBAIE, hell-bent on revenge after his family’s death during an American air strike. After an incident, Tood loses his job and the team is split up. Hector is given the graveyard shift. During a routine patrol, he spots unauthorized work vehicles. What should be a quick stop costs him his life at the hands of the terrorists, who plant bombs all over the mall property in strategic locations. The police won't do a damn thing and, as we soon realize, Captain Fox is in on the whole thing. Jake and the others return to what should be a normal day. Then the terrorists strike. Bombs detonate all over the mall. It's a warzone – bullets and blood – total carnage. Like an showdown in the Old West, Jake burns through Al-Rubaie but is critically wounded. The day is won at great loss – innocents, Jake's girlfriend, friends and companions; his life changed forever.


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Roy Gonzales

Pretty close to what is going on in Kenyan right now.

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