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By Troy Spacie

GENRE: Comedy, Drama
LOGLINE: Tim is torn between continuing with a dead-end, soul destroying job, while hanging out with his lazy, vulgar best friend, Glen, and changing his lot in life and finding things that make him happy – career change, girlfriend. Meeting Jessica changes his approach, and he begins to do things to alter his mere existence.


It is not easy being in your twenties. Sure, you’ve got your whole life ahead of you – but where is your life heading? Some people seem to be switched on enough to know what they want in life, but have they made the right choices? Most likely you’ve got that college degree everyone told you to get, and where did that get you? Stuck in a job you hate, one that has nothing to do with what you were studying in the first place. There is a bunch of pressure from everyone and their mother to strive to succeed and make the right choices – what if you just want to follow your dreams but are too scared to do so? This where we find Tim. He’s battling the work-life balance that has become an arguable phenomenon in Gen Y’s constitution. He’s in a conundrum, a bind – a pickle. Does he continue with a job that gives him the finances to enjoy the single life, or does he sacrifice a secure lifestyle to become a stand up comedian like he has dreamt of since he was a boy. Without knowing it, his two friends Glen and Riley are the salty and sweetly flavoured ends of Troy’s pickle, with Glen embodying the free-spirited lifestyle of the drifter, and Riley already settled with a lady and a baby. Throw into the mix Tim’s new romantic interest in Jess, and his decisions have just begun to have a lot more riding on them. To pursue this dream he must make a choice. To fully commit, he’d have to quit his job and focus 100% of his energy into comedy. But that’s madness isn’t it? He’s the only one in his friends that earns above average wages. But if he stays in a job that he hates, he may as well just throw away his life. Surely there is more to life than just making money? There are a few things holding Tim back on making the biggest decision of his life to date. Sure, there’s the money – he lives a comfortable life, with dispensable income. And what would his parents say if he just upped and quit his job? They didn’t grow up with a lot of money. Sure, they did what they can to make ends meet. But Tim makes more money than them combined. Is it insulting to them to throw everything away? Also, what if he isn’t any good?

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