Adam Arnali's Reel

Zero Dark Reel 2013

All projects directed by Adam Arnali

Saving Me (Official Music Video)

Love can Shatter Your Life into a thousand pieces. When two girls vie for the love of Lead Singer Tom Huestis in the band SoulSwitch he struggles to decide which path to take. The anguish and questions Tom has sends him on a excursion into an abandoned warehouse where he finds a shattered mirror that puts him in a trance.

Chris Dagnese "My Heart" Official music video

Hearts * Drama * Split Screen Ever have a girl melt your heart but lived so far away. Ever want to go see her even for a day only to feel the gut wrenching feeling that you then have to leave her to go back to your life?

Finding My Father

Barton Hill has never met his real father. Life has been moving along fine without him until one day a mysterious girl sends him on a treasure hut to find his father.

Coldplay - Paradise (Ratham Stone Full Band Cover) at Plush Studios

Ratham Stone Performance video of their cover of the song Paradise

Eyes of God Nacirema

Eyes Of God Performance video of their song Nacirema

Chloe's Story

Client - Florida Center for Pediatric Dermatology Directed by Adam Arnali ---- Jaclyn Grass - Executive Producer Vanessa Ezeta - Production Coordinator Valensky Sylvain - Producer James Hunter

The LensPal Commercial

The Long Lens Don't let bully's with Cameras push you around on the field. If you can't beat them join them. Rent a high powered camera and long lens and show those bullies what's up! The LensPal is a camera, lens and accessories portal.

Through You "Hanging On Hope" (Official Music Video)

Ever have your life flash before you eyes? Journey through the mind's eye of Mic Kirkland, lead singer of Through You as he tries to save his band mates who've lost all hope in Through You's music video for their song.

Dechoes Fall Preview Fashion Show

Dechoes Fashion in Orlando, Fl. Check out their Fall Preview Fashion Show

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