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By Stuart Page

GENRE: Comedy, Drama
LOGLINE: A burnt out Rockstar resigned to working in a holiday park is left with the fortuitous daughter of his dead wife. Can she pull him back from the verge of drunken debauchery and self destruction before a covetous plot kills him.


ELLEN (12, Gothic girl), shoves clothes into a rucksack. She scrounges money from the draws. A final look at the room, she returns to a shoebox hidden under the bed, grabbing a handful of cheap jewelry entangled with a silver oval locket and stuffs it into a pocket. It’s 2005 and the begining of the summer holidays. Stevee Bandarah has just arrived at the holiday park to entertain the guests, an old 80’s Rockstar legend from the band “Dark Knights”. The band split in 1993 after the sudden death of his wife Jeanie of a drugs overdose. Unbeknown to him Jeanie was seven months pregnant and the baby girl was placed into care. Since then it’s been a long down hill dive into obscurity. Now Stevee finds himself watching a documentary of his band, he tugs on a joint and pops a fresh can as he stares blankly at the TV screen showing the last moments of his career, the frustration and pain at what he lost sends the full can of beer hurtling towards the TV screen. Reg Dagan, his long serving manager hasn’t found him work in years, but now thanks to Jerry Atric the bands ex drummer and owner of the caravan park Reg has finaly got him some gigs, but Brian Bailey, the camps manager and Jerry’s son detests him. Poppy Amstell a twenty two year old pretty girl was brought up by her mother, she’s never met her father, only ever heard stories. Working for a photographic agency in london, she has to find a new mature model that will get the company out of trouble with an image on the front cover of vogues special issue, but her manager Mrs Tanner wants Poppy out so she can give the job to her model friend. Tina Hardwhistle, Poppy’s best friend works for a small record company. She persuades Poppy to join her on a trip around the south coast looking for new recording talent, and with poppy’s prospects of making the big time now given away she takes the break. Stevee’s first gig at the holiday park ends in a disaster when he turns up worse for wear. Brian has had enough, he thinks Stevee stole all the money from his Dad when the band split, but Jerry is trying to give Stevee the lift he needs to get him back on his feet. Ellen is in London, pennyless and alone, she tries to pawn her cheap Jewellery, she saves one item, a silver oval locket given to her as a keepsake of her mother. With nothing left She sets out to find her father. Stevee hates kids, and when one mouthy boy says to him, “My Dad say’s you’re nothing but a shit faced has been” Stevee sets out for retribution. Desperate to get Stevee off the holiday park Brian tampers with Stevee’s motorbike, subsequently Stevee crashes it and is arrested for drink driving. Upon returning to his caravan from the police station Stevee is in bed with a blonde groupie, Ellen turns up. Stevee dismisses her, telling Reg to get rid of the girl, but Reg has a secret, he knows all about Ellen and has made sure she was cared for on Stevee’s behalf. Tina is having no luck finding a new band when she picks up a newspaper with an article about Stevee. Tina wants to sign Stevee to the record company but Poppy is adamant, she wants nothing to do with him. Tina persuades Poppy. They head for the camp with Tina anxious to meet this 80’s ledgend. A copy of the newspaper with an article about Stevee is sent by Reg to Mick Macawleys music shop, Mick is the ex guitarist of the Dark knights band. Tina and poppy bump into Stevee. Poppy is rude and dismisses him before storming off. Tina asks “why, whats he ever done to you”?. “Lots! She replies, “He’s my father”. Tina begs Poppy to stay and help her sign Stevee, maybe he’s the one for the front cover of Vogue. Poppy agrees to stay as long as he doesn’t find out who she is. It’s Stevee’s second show, and just as he’s about to start the mouthy boy replaces his backing CD with Mr Blobby song. Its another bad show. Tina find’s Stevee drunk slumped in a bush, Poppy finaly agrees with Tina that her father needs help. The following morning Ellen confronts Stevee with the truth, Jeanie was her mother. Stevee is outraged, he throws her out of the caravan into the pouring rain. Ellen fights her corner. The pair argue as the rain and tears wash the gothic makup from her face. Stevee is staring into the eyes of his beloved wife. Stevee is furious to find out that it was Reg who had Ellen fostered. Reg is fired. Jerry confronts Stevee about his reponsibility to his daughter. Stevee and Ellen begin to grow close to each other, learning from each other as Stevee makes the mistakes of being a father to a maturing girl. Ellen helps him give up the drink and drugs. Stevee has been on the wagon for a few days. They throw a party for a few staff but Brian has other ideas and drugs Stevee’s drink, the stoned Stevee tries to kiss Poppy but she resists, he persists. Poppy blurts out, “You’re my father”. Ellen hears. The distraught Ellen runs away. Poppy finds Ellen on the beach, she explains that none of this was meant to happen but now it has they must work together to help Stevee. Its the day of his court appearance, Ellen and Poppy have helped Stevee off the booze and drugs, but in court Stevee remembers what happened to his wife. He’d hid LSD tablets in a paracetamol container, His wife must of taken them by mistake. He had accidently killed his wife. Stevee is fraught with guilt, he tries to jump off the pier. But his daughters stand by him. They all jump. Picked up by Jerrys speed boat the three end up on sky news. Mrs Tanner recognises Poppy. Poppy tries to persuade Mrs Tanner that Stevee is the model for the job but to no avail. Social services turn up to take Ellen into care after Brian reports Stevee’s drug taking but Poppy stops them. James is the Campest of camp hairdressers and Stevee’s number one fan, he gives him a full make over. Gone are the tight leather pants and greying pony tail, He’s a new man. Poppy has her model. She takes Stevee to the photographic studio at night for the vogue shoot, but Mrs Tanner is waiting, Poppy and Frank the photographer are fired. Poppy’s only choice is the tatty caravan where Stevee is staying, Frank shoots the pictures. Poppy comments that this is so “Rock Bottom”. With that Stevee locks himself away for three days. Stevee emerges with lyrics and music for a full album, he enlists the help of Jerry, and in Jerrys private recording studio a new track for the show emerges. Poppy telephones Vogue magazine offering the pictures but is rejected because she doesn’t have a company. Tina shows her boss Stevee’s lyrics, he wants to sign Stevee. Poppy and Tina form their own company called Tinpop media at the back of the studio. James surreptitiously sends the editor of Vogue magazine Franks pictures of Stevee. The mouthy boy is in the swimming pool, his foot is caught in the filter. He’s drowning, Stevee dives in and saves him. Whilst Stevee and Jerry are rehearsing Mick Macawley turns up, he plugs in his guitar and starts to play. A crowd gathers outside wanting to hear more of the melodic music as James desperately tries to stop the ever expanding crowd entering the building. Word gets around that the band is back. Stevee, Jerry and Mick seek refuge in Poppys caravan. Bickering starts,Tina puts them straight, they have all found themselves there of their own free will. James steals Poppy’s phone and calls Jenifer Lordon from vogue to tell her where to find Poppy and Stevee. Trapped in the caravan, the band disguise themselves as women and sneek out of a service hatch and over to the main hall. Fingers Anderson, the bands keyboard player arrives, Reg has finaly managed to get the band back together. Dark Knights reformed after twelve years, they play to a packed audience. Stevee comes off stage. The best concert he’s performed in years. Stevee’s phone rings. Ellen hands it to Stevee, At first he doesnt take it. Stevee reluctantly takes the phone, It’s a record producer sat in the audience. He wants Stevee to sign a contract for a new album after hearing the new song. Stevee turns them down and promises to sign to Tina’s record lable. Jenifer Lordon arrives, she has the proof copy of Stevee on the front cover. Mrs Tanner begs Poppy and Frank to come back and work for her, they refuse. Brian is arrested. And James get’s his dream of being the campest manager. Dark knights hit number one for the first time ever with their new album “Rock Bottom” and single “Fading through the sands of time”. As for Mrs Tanner? Well, she’s just doing dog portraits.

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