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By Stuart Page

GENRE: Action, War
LOGLINE: An archeologist unearths a timeless piece of history buried in the mud for sixty years, and tries to piece together the story of two very different people, one English and one German born on the same day yet drawn together by fate, both fighting for their lives and their country until they stand face to face for the final battle.


Present day, Germany. A group of archeologists are digging in a field near Bergen Belsen. One, a man called Joe unearths a pocket watch, buried there for sixty years, a faint name on the back starts him on a personal quest to find out the story of, Gunner Eddie Lambert. Two completely different boys born on the same day in February 1920, Eddie Lambert, born in London England, loved by his parents Rose and Ted. They struggle to give him a good home and education, the other, Hubert Muller born in Dresden Germany, the son of a wealthy German dentist, brought up with good values, yet always in the background of his evil older brother Franz. The story follows their different upbringings and ways of life until the outbreak of war across Europe in 1939 where both Eddie and Hubert are called up for action by their respective countries. Eddie enlists with the Royal Artillery, manning the Anti Aircraft guns in London’s Hyde Park. Tragically his parents are killed when a stray bomb gives a direct hit on the underground shelter during the blitz. Eddie is devastated and seeks solace with his neighbour Pearl, a nurse at the local hospital; the pair embarks on a forbidden love affair, when for his twentieth birthday Pearl presents him with a gold pocket watch. Hubert and his elder brother Franz were forced to join the Nazi youth movement. Hubert works his way up to lieutenant with the 21st Panzer division before being sent forward into France. Franz is recruited by the brutal SS, hunting and deporting Jewish nationals, and in his malevolence betrays his fathers assistant Heidi, a young Jewish girl who’s sent to certain death at Bergen Belsen concentration camp. Mr. Muller is requested to put an end to the evil actions of his despicable son Franz. No one knew Mr. Muller was working under cover for the British. The D-Day invasion arrives with an uncertain farewell at Portsmouth. Pearl hands Eddie his now engraved gold pocket watch before watching his regiment sail for Juno beach and an uncertain destiny in Normandy. As the allied forces push forward into France, both Eddie and Hubert come face to face on the battlefield for the first time in a tank battle raging just outside Caen. The battle is won by the British as Hubert’s regiment retreat back towards Germany. After advancing into Belgium, Eddie is wounded by falling shrapnel and rushed to the local field hospital only to find Pearl nursing there after being drafted up. Time is short together as Eddie’s unit is deployed further forward over the Rhine into Germany. With the war finally coming to an end they find themselves at Bergen Belsen concentration camp for the liberation and take over. No one could prepare them for what they found. Eddie’s unit is dispatched to capture three German tanks found hiding in woods nearby. One final battle ensues as Eddie and Hubert find themselves fighting for their lives in hand to hand combat, in the ensuing struggle to survive Eddie looses his pocket watch in the mud, a gunshot echo’s around the wood, the battlefield falls silent, but who shot who? Sixty years later: A cold Remembrance Day parade in London, Can Joe finally put and end to the story of the pocket watch he found in the mud, sixty years after it was lost.

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