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By Elisheba McCoy

GENRE: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Horror, Independent, Sci-fi, Thriller
LOGLINE: "There was a time when it was Man at the top of the food chain."


It was in the earth year 1709 that the Andromedan Imperial Fleet struck its final blow in its century long war of dominion against the Draconian Congregation. It was in our solar system and on the planet Mars that ultimate victory would be achieved. The Adromedans launched a planet wide thermo nuclear assault and in an instant, destroyed the remnant of an entire race, leaving none but one... A sole Draconian fighter pilot narrowly escapes and finds his way to earth, his battered ship crash landing on a remote island located in the region of the Atlantic known as the Devil's Triangle. Under the guise of carrying out his usual off-the-books trade craft, DEA Agent George Simmons and his troop of 7 disavowed operatives are sent in on a supposed clean up operation, only to find that karma can be a wicked little bitch, once provoked. It's not long at all before they find they have been literally dropped into a meat their wits end and not at all sure what they can do to survive this waking nightmare, they are soon faced with the all too real and all too familiar danger of a second Clean Up Team. A terrestrial threat that is perhaps an even bigger danger to them than the monstrously insatiable appetite of the 10ft, 2100 lbs, otherworldly eating machine that at present, is picking them off at will.

Vasco Phillip de Sousa

Looks like it could be a great effects film.

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