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By Elisheba McCoy

GENRE: Action, Adventure, Drama, Independent, Thriller
LOGLINE: When the good guy goes bad . . . he goes all the way. . .


After a few very difficult months of varying hardships, Joe goes over to the dark side. It’s at this point that he, along with his not so bright crime partner, “Lonnie” embark on their desperate plan to rob a mob connected jewelry & loan store. Needless to say, many are the plans of both mice and men, though they ofttimes go awry. But Joe being Joe, narrowly makes it out by the skin of his teeth. Only to find that he must, at every turn elude the terrifying grip of impending doom as he desperately evades a virtual army of police forces in his flight toward sanctuary. Having made it to the threshold of his door, Joe, the now infamous cop killer, breaths a steady sigh of relief. The police forces also take some relief and succor in the thought that at last they have the bastard cornered… Or, so they think. Enter the brothers Griggs, Anthony and Darnell, two ranking Detroit Police Officers, one a homicide detective, the other, a hardcore marine and true believer, is a tactical officer currently assigned to hostage negotiations. It isn't long before the dark fingers which are attached to the darker hands begin to tug at the strings and all the useful puppets on the stage do the dance, each one doing his own little dance… all of them ready puppets, all but the willful Darnell. And what of the ever artful Joe? Little does anyone know, Joe has crafted the doom of them all and means to carry out his dreadful scheme. For Joe the die is cast, for Joe there’s no turning back. For Joe the wheels are already in motion. As for Anthony, it’s simple, it’s something ominous in Joe's voice, or perhaps it’s the twenty years of big city abominations he can never unsee. Some less thoughtful persons would even call it kismet, but just beneath the surface Anthony knows it’s just a simple case of him looking too deep into the mirror. He also knows and can’t shake the notion that this is going to be another one of those days that just refuses to end well.

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