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By Elisheba McCoy

GENRE: Action, Adventure, Horror, Independent, Thriller
LOGLINE: "What does it profit a man to gain the whole world. . . and lose his soul?"


On the stormy night of May 1, 1929, a gathering of the ultra rich of both American and European society met deep within the torch lit caverns that lay beneath the palatial estate of oil magnate, John Tosh. It is there where they don their crimson robes and perform the rites of sex magic in honor of their patron god, Pan, and await his promised return. Until this night, none has ever seen him, none save one, Lilith Tosh, who as a child was once visited by the strange apparition. As it would happen, after an act of wanton blood lust, she would see it once more. It was on this occasion that she, being possessed, entered into the sacrificial chamber and a night of fantastic butchery ensued. That was then... Today, those in the know readily make their way into and through the winding tunnels and dark chambers in an effort to curry the favor of the estate's reclusive mistress and worldly power broker. People from every field of endeavor; Politics, Media, Entertainment, etc., all of whom are seeking her nefarious blessings. People such as, U.S. Senator, John Stevens, an incumbent, presently busy fending off the wolves, while locked in a bitter struggle to keep the seat he's held for some twelve years. Also, Hip-hop Mogul, Rick Jones, a man facing multiple counts of 1st Degree Murder for the brutal machine gun massacre of the founding executives and artists of a rival record label. He must make it to the estate and back, all while avoiding exposure by a bloodhound of an investigative journalist, Ms. Shelly Block. Shelly’s old university chum and one time lover, Dixie “Dix” Wiggins, an aspiring filmmaker and wannabe rich guy, also desires nothing more than to meet with and receive the nefarious blessing of the Crowley-esque billionairess. Or, at least he thinks he does. Sacrifices must be made, loyalties tested, innocents will die. After all, at this altitude only the truly ruthless can expect to survive.

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