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By Mike Breen

GENRE: Comedy

A delusional, recently retired athlete (and soon-to-be retired playboy) hires his best friend (a fledgling NYC filmmaker) to shoot a pseudo-reality documentary of his life just days before he is married in the bucolic setting of Boise, Idaho.


Meet Alex. He shoots other people’s weddings to pay his rent. He has talent but no knack for selling himself. He has a neurotic girlfriend who is a starfucker dying for celebrity. This is Claudia. A man-eater and the quintessential narcissistic persona of the 21st century—Claudia knows how to play the game, and amid our set up, lands a part in a studio film, hooks up with an A-List director, then dumps Alex. Josh, who he will soon be best man for at his upcoming wedding, presents an opportunity for Alex to come out West one week early to make a movie about “The Lubricator,” Josh’s alter ego and nickname while on the pro ski circuit. He tells his lifelong friend, Alex, "It is time for Plan B, brah.” Alex agrees and when he arrives in Idaho, he meets Josh’s eccentric new friends and impending family members and is thrust into his old friend’s new world of money and “success.” Josh helps his friend meet key players that can help him “sell out.” Of course, he has his has own ulterior motives; this documentary could keep Josh in an ever-fading limelight as his time as a famous athlete is begrudgingly coming to a close. Moreover, Josh’s fiancée, Gem, a no-nonsense Type-A spitfire, isn’t pleased with their film. She has dreamed of her wedding day since she was a little girl. Furthermore, she wants Josh to settle down, let go of his past and step in where her father left off. She has a plan and nothing is going to get in the way of her vision of true happiness.

When Alex develops a relationship with Holly at the midpoint, our story twists again and Gem ironically even assists her earlier foe in his initial pursuit of her. Holly is the moral compass of our story. She is the real deal. Alex and Holly’s simple relationship speaks volumes to our modern day love affair with technology, urban chic, social masks and a seeming collective disdain of all that is humble, selfless and natural. But when Holly discovers why Alex came out early and isn’t who she thought he was—after he presented himself as an earnest filmmaker—our newfound “sell-out” loses the one thing that could have saved his self worth—the lost art of true love. Will Alex wake up and realize that

selling out was not the path to happiness? Will it be too late if he does?

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