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By Perie Wolford

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LOGLINE: Title: Nobody Knows About Sex Genre: Romantic comedy Log Line: Mary Elisabeth, sixteen-year-old, curious and open-minded girl, comes up with a daring idea of how she and five of her best friends could all lose their virginity… to each other. Synopsis MARY ELISABETH JOHNS was always a curious girl. Ever since she was little. Annoying everyone with questions. Million things that she wanted to know. Innocent things at first. Now that she is sixteen… it is all about sex. Meanwhile the year is 1957. A time of transistor radios, flat top hair-cuts, hot rod songs, hot rods, Bosco chocolate milk, poodle skirts, saddle shoes... Mary and five of her best friends, JAKE, ADAM, STEVEN and the twins, ANN and JOANNE, are as usual welcomed to spend this wonderful summer in the grand hotel at Cape Cod Bay. JAKE’s father owns the place so it is not unlikely for the gang to barge into the empty suites and have fun, play one of the games they like to play. Like spin-the-bottle game. But this time Mary’s unusual and controversial idea of how to improve the simple game, add a little more twist to it, is to shock the group. Sex instead of innocent kisses. That is the way Mary suggests everyone to lose virginity. In spite of all the shock and controversy issues Mary finds the way into the minds of her friends. The proposition goes. Busy planning and setting-up the game she’s created, Mary doesn’t know that Joanne has a secret boyfriend and they actually have already done it. And Ann finds it hard to resist the romantic enforcement of Jake’s younger brother and they actually are about to do it. And Jake is not such a womanizer after all, on the contrary, actually likes Steven. And Steven likes him too but doesn’t really know it yet. And as a matter of fact they are going to do it too. That makes Adam and Mary herself the only virgins left in a group but Mary doesn’t know it. She doesn’t know that Adam is actually in love with her and foolishly forces the game to be played. And that brings all the mess in the world… But, in the end, everything is going to be alright.


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