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By Perie Wolford

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LOGLINE: Title: Orphanhood Genre: Sci-fi\alien\drama\thriller Log Line: A teenage orphan boy finds himself trapped in a strange hospital-like orphanage with a strong security system and a weird educational program. When he and his mates find out that people running this strange facility are no people at all they struggle to get out, out into the world that is tragically a completely different place now. Synopsis One of the big north-eastern cities… POLICE OFFICER detains a seventeen-year-old orphan boy on the run, SAM. The social services worker, MIRANDA, is to decide the best way to handle the troubled teenager. There’s one very special orphan’s home that she believes is the right place for Sam. Windsfield orphanage is a facility situated far outside the city with a strong security system, hospital-like buildings and concrete walls surrounding the territory. All the teachers here wear the doctor-like white robes; students wear the light-gray uniform. The place is sure weird. Sam gets his own room and a beautiful girl-neighbor, AMELIA, to show him around. HEADMISTRESS explains it to Sam that the difference of the educational program is very beneficial for the students as long as they follow the orphanage codes and behave. LOCAL NURSE takes Sam's analyses to make sure he is healthy and puts a weird white-plastic bracelet over his wrist; every student has to wear one at all times. Sam attends his first P.E. class where he meets KEVIN. Kevin’s bracelet is blue; white means freshman, blue – sophomore, and yellow – graduate. Kevin assures Sam that in spite of all the weird stuff about Windsfield it is a good place and there’s nothing to worry about. Sam finds that hard to believe. The other day a big white bus arrives to the territory of the orphanage. It is to pick up the graduating students, the yellow bracelets. Sam, Amelia, Kevin and the rest of the students watch the graduates get in the bus; none of them look particularly happy about graduation. Sam notices that for some reason it is hard for Amelia to watch yellow-bracelets go. He doesn’t understand why though; neither Amelia nor Kevin tell him anything. The other day, in the auditorium during the lecture one of the white-bracelet students, STAN, starts reciting verses of some poem, whispering at first but getting louder and louder, seems to be experiencing some sort of nervous breakdown. Stan becomes a noticeable disturbance to the lecture and a SECURITY GUY takes him away. A big white bus arrives once again. Headmistress gathers all the students in the hall to let them know that there was a leak of forbidden information between the blue-bracelet and white-bracelet students that caused the incident. From now on the different colored groups are strictly forbidden to communicate; violation of this code entails expulsion. Sam is now forbidden to communicate to Amelia or Kevin. He doesn’t know that it was Kevin to leak the information and that Headmistress has already found out it was him. Headmistress is disappointed with Kevin’s behavior and lost guessing why he would do such a thing. Kevin tells her that he and the other students are orphans and she will never understand what it feels like to be one. Headmistress informs Kevin that she is left with no other choice but to expel him and send him to the Isolation Center. Amelia comes to Sam’s room to tell him that tomorrow they will run away using the big white bus; Sam sure likes that plan although doesn’t really understand how’s it gonna work. Amelia promises she’s got it under control. He has to trust her. Sam is driving the bus through the small road in the woods. Amelia and Kevin are the only passengers. They both are unwilling to answer Sam’s questions about where did Kevin get a gun and how could he shot one of the security guys. Sam doesn’t know that when Kevin shot a guy he started bleeding blue liquid that wasn’t anything like human blood at all. Sam decides to drive off into the woods for the night. They all could use some rest. First thing in the morning, before Sam and Amelia wake up, Kevin goes to the river. He puts the gun into his mouth. He makes a shot… Sam and Amelia drive through the roads. Head for Washington D.C. Sam doesn't understand a thing happening with them. After Kevin’s death Amelia is more silent when ever. Sam notices that the roads are all empty; there are no gas stations anywhere around, no buildings whatsoever, no people. Sam stops the bus in the middle of the highway that is supposed to go straight to the big city but there’s no city on the horizon. It's just a plain ground; looks like the city was simply erased. Sam doesn't believe his own eyes. Amelia finally tells him that they, THEY are not human; they've come from a different world. They need this place to live; Earth is a perfect fit except for one thing – too many of us, people. Sam and Amelia return to the orphanage. Sam appears mentally inadequate and Headmistress decides to send him away to the Isolation Center. The big white bus takes Sam out of the orphanage. According to the still remaining road signs the bus is heading towards Seattle, the only city still existent, the city that is now the Isolation Center for the several thousand of remaining people.


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