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By Michael Graf

GENRE: Sports, Comedy

Throwing Hammers is a quirky dramedy about a disgraced former curler that returns to his hometown and attempts to rebuild his life, but is drawn back into his love of the sport by his best friends.


Throwing Hammers is a celebration of friendships. It’s a quirky dramedy about

friends and family and… curling. (“Throwing Hammers” is a curling term. The hammer is

the last stone thrown during the end of a game and the team with the hammer usually

has the scoring advantage.)

Kenny Stuntbeck is a small town Wisconsin kid obsessed with curling and all things

Canadian. His dream is to compete in the Tim Horton’s Brier, the Canadian Super Bowl

of curling. His problem, besides not being Canadian, is that he still lives at home and has

a dead end job working in his dad’s ice cream and bait shop.

He has no real sense of direction in his life since he disgraced himself at a Junior World

Curling event. Two of his best friends aren’t much help. When they’re not stocking

shelves at Piggly Wiggly, they like to spend their days drinking and ice fishing. Wenzler,

the self proclaimed brains of the group isn’t much help either. It’s unclear what he does

to pay the rent, but he always has the guy’s back and is one scheme away from

something big.

Kenny hooks up with Maggie Brown, a promising college student and the girl he’s had a

crush on since the 6th grade, but with the trajectories of their lives apparently heading in

different directions, nothing is certain in Kenny’s life except curling.

His ragtag group of friends helps cheer him up by forming a curling team. The foursome

battle through the adversities and challenges of finding one’s way in the world as they

start their quest to win the state curling championship.

Somewhere along the way they prove to themselves that their friendship is worth

something more than a name on a plaque or headline, and that sometimes you have to

help your friends aim high or you all may miss your target. Sometimes, when it matters

most, you have to throw hammers to succeed.

The script just won Best Comedy Screenplay at the Filmmatic Screenplay Competition in

L.A., is a winner at the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards and was named a

Hot 100 Finalist at the Capital Fund Screenwriting Competition and a Finalist in the Stage 32/National Lampoon Search for Comedy Writing Gold contest.

Ryan A. Clark

Terrific logline and synopsis! Love a good comedy about friendship.

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