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By Mark Metz Wagner

GENRE: Drama

To share their love, the twin sisters reject the violence of their family and the sex among their friends.


TURQUOISE and SAPPHIRE flirt with DEREK, as he sells the cookies baked by their granny at the Vintage Festival. But the sisters tease Granny, and she suffers a seizure. At dinner, Turquoise and Sapphire mock their Father clenching his fists and their Uncle brandishing his prosthetic hand regarding the lack of wine sales.Then the sisters kiss intimately, and play in Derek’s Halloween party where he sneaks ecstasy pills into their wine.Turquoise and Sapphire run. Because of revengeful lust, the men condemn Turquoise and Sapphire for their wicked sins of loving each other. Granny screams for them to get the hell out until they no longer are infidels. Cruising their Corvette, Turquoise and Sapphire play with the wildlife in one park after another. On the Gunsight Rock, the stars of Pleiades flash blinding lights into their eyes as their Father and Cops pursue them. So Turquoise and Sapphire hug, breathe deeply, hold their hands, then hide under the bluff.

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