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By Mark Metz Wagner

GENRE: Thriller

A Lakota oil trader hides underground in New York City to battle the Russians destroying America’s economy by manipulating our oil industry.


After designing hedge funds, ALEX KICKING HORSE discovers that VLADIMIR ZWORSKY, his boss, has been scheming to rip off the New York Mercantile Exchange.Alex blows the whistle, but only MOONBEAM, his copywriter, listens. They hustle to collect evidence, avoiding one assassination after another. They pay attention to Virgil, Alex’s father, regarding the Lakota spiritual quest. How do you face an enemy with understanding? Finally, the Attorney General has Vladimir arrested and convicted in trial. But the Russian mobsters kill the cops, and free their czar. They use algorithms to manipulate the oil prices to $200 per barrel. Alex and Moonbeam use hand-signals to drop the trading back to $110. They celebrate at Unions Nations. Then Vladimir and the mobsters attack in revenge, and pursue Alex and Moonbeam underground to the Exchange. Alex and Moonbeam shoot their last stand at the oil podium. Who wins...?

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