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By Ian Causer

GENRE: Action, Adventure, Western
LOGLINE: The year is 1873. On hearing of the murder of his youngest son in a Black hills gold rush town, a retired Texas Ranger, accompanied by his estranged family travels north to repatriate his son's remains and seek vengeance against the guilty.


  1. The United States Government signs the Treaty of Fort Laramie with the Sioux Indians. The treaty dictates that white settlers are forbidden from entering The Black Hills, lands sacred to the Sioux. 1872. The treaty is broken by ‘The Black Hills Expedition’ led by George Armstrong Custer and gold is discovered. In the two years that follow, entrepreneurs, prospectors and criminals flock to the hills, and lawless boom towns spring up like mushrooms. The film opens in one such boom town; Lead. A young prospector named Jake Barton is murdered for his claim by the town’s founder and dictator, Clay Barkley. Unbeknownst to Barkley, Jake Barton is the youngest member of the infamous Texan ‘Barton’ family. His father Henry is a retired, legendary Texas Ranger who on discovering the death of his son summons his estranged family together to travel north and repatriate Jake's remains to the family ranch in Blue Creek, Texas. On the difficult journey north, Henry is reunited with the sons he never approved of; John, an infamous gunfighter whose past cannot escape him, and Matt, a professional gambler who refuses to take life seriously. Only Thomas, the ranch hand whose dependability and innocence gives Henry hope. Fighting the elements, horse thieves and murderers, they eventually reach the black hills and discover the grisly remains of a family butchered by unknown assassins. The discovery’s close proximity to Lead suggests that the people perceived to be enemies of the barbaric Clay Barkley are dealt with in the most violent way, out of the view of the citizens of Lead. On the Barton’s arrival in Lead it becomes clear that Jake was murdered. They find an oasis of shelter with the brave Christian girl Lilly, who so nearly became a victim of Barkley’s brutality. The Barton’s proceed to disinter Jake’s remains and try to discover the location of the man who pulled the trigger that took young Jake’s life. With no law enforcement to help them, frontier justice is a necessity. Hopelessly outnumbered and without law enforcement to assist them, the Barton’s attempt to bring frontier justice to the individuals responsible, but suffer another terrible loss along the way. Tension reigns as the film moves towards an action packed, heart rending crescendo as Henry realizes the only chance his remaining sons have to head south alive, is if he takes on Barkley alone.
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