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By Lee Kolinsky

GENRE: Action
LOGLINE: War vet discharged for a drug habit is on the run from the mob due to accidently killing the mob boss's son in a bodega robbery.


When Ryan Bishop is dishonorably discharged from the army due to a drug habit, he returns home to find out his sister Julie is dying of cancer and cannot pay her medical bills. In an attempt to feed his habit and help his sister, Ryan robs a bodega where he accidently kills the son of a mob boss. Now Ryan must kick his habit, pay his sisters medical bills and avoid being killed by the mob who is trying to run him down.

Tek Doko

How many pages/ locations?

Lee Kolinsky
@Tek Doko

if youre talking about my script Run 'em down thats 75 pages and many charachters. If you want a short, I can write one up for you if you are interested in producing. So far my films have all won awards. If you check out my reels, youll see my style. am in predevelopment for a horror. But i've had an idea about a short mob story that I have been tinkering with. How long do you want your short to be?

Stephen Arthur Schaffer

I really like this idea, have you done anything with it yet?

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