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By Bryan Santiago

GENRE: Thriller

A psychological thriller about a woman who gets lost on the interstate and stumbles upon a small town where she reluctantly assumes the identity of someone else.


Jessica Herring (Katherine Partington) a woman consumed by the banality of her own life, gets lost on the interstate while looking for her newfound home in Glastenbury, Vermont. She stumbles upon the sleepy town of Grafton to ask for directions at a quaint cafe. She is awestruck when she learns from a few peculiar patrons that "there is no such town as Glastenbury". Upon presenting her ID as proof of residence, she discovers her name is actually Paula Weldon and she lives with her husband Clifford Weldon (Michael C. Williams) right there in Grafton. After a series of suspicious interactions with 'strangers' who call her 'Paula' curiosity gets the better of her as the town does seem vaguely familiar. She visits what her ID states as her address and meets the man claiming to her husband, Clifford. There begins the struggle between realities as Jessica resists this absurd, but idyllic life she does not recognizes, but then capitulates to this newfound happiness with her doting partner. Her serenity, however, is short-lived when she comes across evidence that this new reality may have been orchestrated and the people in this picturesque town may not be as genuine as she thought.

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