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Peter David Myers

Peter’s work in screenwriting has branched out, of late, into novels and a mini-series. His book on Leonardo da Vinci, Leonardo’s Secret, adapted from his screenplay, was launched by publisher the Mentoris Project in April, 2018. There is also a mini-series available. Peter's novel about Galileo, Dark Labyrinth, was published in August, 2020. He just completed a modern day, true life story feature assignment, True Blue, which has a female protagonist. Peter's script, Victory Girl, is ending its one-year exclusive shopping agreement soon, after which another producer, Fred Roos, will take control of the project. He has director Martha Coolidge attached.

Peter’s works on Leonardo are based on his extensive research on the genius which broke new ground in da Vinci scholarship by focusing on the core motivation behind all of Leonardo’s art, engineering and inventing accomplishments, as well as his passionate struggles in the furtherance of his overarching goal. Projects (ten of them, paid work, three were optioned):

VICTORY GIRL, a WW II action/drama/love story. Grace, an expert cropdusting pilot, restricted from joining the Army Air Force because she's female, joins the WASPs instead, and helps ferry warplanes bound for combat areas. In so doing, she meets and falls in love with a B-17 bomber pilot. Out to avenge her fighter pilot brother’s death at the hands of the Germans, Grace makes her way to an American airbase in England where she sneaks aboard B-17 bombing flights disguised as a man. On a secret bombing run to destroy a German research facility working on the atomic bomb, Grace becomes a heroine in the face of German fighters and anti-aircraft fire, saves the mission, and keeps the plane and most of its crew from being destroyed. In doing this, she opens the door for female combat pilots.

LEONARDO’S SECRET, a drama In the vein of Amadeus, dealing with an unexplored corner of Leonardo Da Vinci’s life: The motivation behind his art, engineering and inventing accomplishments, as well as the passionate and frustrating struggle he went through in the furtherance of his goal.

UNTITLED DA VINCI TREATMENT, another drama which deals with a previously unexplored relationship in Leonardo’s life, and his burst of creativity during that period.

SHADOWS OF WAR, a WWII action/drama/love story. Before he is discovered by the Japanese Secret Police, an Asian-American soldier/spy must locate their attack balloon sites and atomic weapons facilities. In doing so, he falls in love with a beautiful nurse who is stationed in doomed Nagasaki. A tragic love story, with a hope of redemption.

THE BROTHERS SMITH, a screwball comedy about three misfit brothers on a quest for riches. Upon their father’s death, his three slacker sons learn they stand to inherit a fortune but only IF they can find their illegitimate fourth brother they never knew existed. They soon discover he’s a con artist on the run from Chinese, Russian and Italian gangs. They are dogged at every turn by wacky mayhem, romantic complications, and chaotic chase scenes. In their search, the brothers find themselves and love. Best Comedy Script, Thunderbird Int’l Film Festival.

PRISON EARTH, A young woman is framed on another planet and is sentenced to twenty years on Earth. Evading police and assassins from her home world, she discovers that all living things on Earth are about to be destroyed by a greedy mining industrialist on her planet. Together with an Earth man, with whom she falls in love, she tries to halt the unthinkable.

ICE, action/adventure/drama/love story. In 1898, a disgraced Naval graduate loses his fiancé over a drunken and fatal brawl, is stripped of his rank and jailed for several years. Fighting a drinking problem when released, he must start at the bottom as a deckhand on an ocean liner, must survive on the same iceberg which sends his ship to the bottom, and, ultimately, must regain his self-respect and the love that he lost.

MIND GAME, a psychological thriller about a young woman caught in a CIA/psychiatric mind control program. She is used ruthlessly and repeatedly for dark and secret missions on U.S. soil. With the help of a man with whom she falls in love, she attempts to escape certain death.

BEYOND, a sci-fi/thriller. Fatally injured in a hospital shooting, a surgeon is dead for two minutes, has an out-of-body experience, and is revived by a nurse who's in love with him. He becomes driven to find out where people go when they die. His search threatens aliens, hidden on Earth, who don’t want him to find out.

AMNESIA, a suspense/thriller. A young spearfisherman’s mother tries to kill him for his lottery winnings by having him abandoned at sea. He survives, but with amnesia. To stay alive he must navigate a labyrinth of double crosses within double crosses.

VENGEANCE, a crime/thriller. A retired cop discovers that the son of a man he shot hijacking a bus, wants revenge for his father’s death, and is killing the cop’s friends. The cop “unretires” himself to find the killer.

STRAY HEARTS, a romantic ensemble dramedy. For Thanksgiving dinner, a couple who gave up on their dreams and whose marriage is in danger, invites over an eccentric group of friends who never compromised their goals. A storm cuts the power and washes out the only road out of the canyon. The guests have to stay overnight. Egged on by a friendly ghost in the house, everyone chooses to confront their demons.

LOVE AND FREEDOM, a drama/love story. Two best friends since childhood have always felt the burden of their parents’ career expectations. They have never married, even though they share the same house. A secret in the girl’s past keeps her emotionally closed, as she tries to break away from her parents’ expectations to find love and freedom.

CASABLANCA: IN LOVE AND WAR, a sequel treatment, based on the film classic, which begins where the plane to Lisbon departs, then sprawls across the face of Occupied Europe, plunging the reunited Rick, Ilsa, Victor and Louie into the darkness and horror of war and testing their courage and resourcefulness against the might of the Nazi menace.

COLUMBIA GIRL, a treatment. Against the backdrop of Hollywood's Golden Years, a brash, self-centered actress and an aspiring writer cross paths in an epic of love, betrayal, tragedy and redemption.

CITY OF DREAMS An 18-page treatment. Although faced with a crumbling L.A. restaurant empire, a late-forties, Italian-American restaurateur teaches three jaded couples how to fall back in love with life.

Peter has sold, written for hire, or optioned twelve theatrical feature scripts, and has done a number of rewrites for indie film and TV producers. Two short films, a stage play, and numerous TV public service announcements have been produced from his scripts.

Among his produced projects include nine Chapters in Black American History, the drama/comedy, The Pickup (distributed via cable), his half-hour suspense drama, Double Cross (which he co-wrote and co-produced, and which was offered a worldwide distribution deal within a month of its completion), as well as Speak To The World, a pilot for an interview show.

One of Peter’s comedy feature scripts won an Honorable Mention at the Thunderbird International Film Festival Script Competition.

Peter developed an original feature script (Victory Girl) with producers which, later, through another producer, was being packaged as a $50-75 million WWII epic by Fred Westheimer at the William Morris Agency before he retired.

Peter completed a rewrite on a martial arts script for a producer, and also polished a love story/satire script for Mrs. Stanley Kramer of K’n’K Productions (which he will produce with Mrs. Kramer).

Peter has done "page one" rewrites for his clients’ projects, Ice and Waiting for Diane. Peter has also written a sci-fi/action/thriller for Bluewater Productions. Additionally, Bluewater has optioned three of Peter’s treatments, which are in the script development or packaging stages.

Peter was the script consultant on two feature films which went into production after the scripts were rewritten or polished based on his analyses: 20 BELOW, was shot in Alaska, and CAGE FREE, was shot in Los Angeles.

Peter was a judge for the UCLA Master of Fine Arts Screenwriting Showcase. He has been a regular panelist at the West Coast Writers Conference, was interviewed in a podcast for the International Screenwriters Association, and his advice to screenwriters is part of Tarcher/Penguin’s anthology, NOW WRITE! Screenwriting: Exercises by Today’s Best Screenwriters, Teachers and Consultants. Management Representation: Sherry Robb, The Robb Company

Unique traits: Good listener. Cares about humanity and feels that, no matter what, something can be done about the world's problems. Is doing something to help the world's population. Puts spiritual truths in his scripts. His scripts have an original "voice". Loves life. Has, as of Nov. 2017, just founded an Entertainment Industry Chapter for The Way To Happiness booklet distribution which is a group of common sense precepts for happy living which can turn around the current moral crisis in Hollywood.




  • 48 Below

    48 Below (2010)
    Film (Adventure) Script consultant Six teenagers learn how fast their comfortable, self-centered lives can transform into a life-threatening lesson of survival, as an ill-prepared afternoon snowboarding trip turns tragic with injury and sub-zero temperatures. Discord and teenage angst poison the atmosphere of a small town, whose residents are soon to learn the importance of faith and unity to their very existence. 48 Below was written, filmed and produced on the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska, and captures the Alaskan teenage culture as never before. Based on a true story. Written by Didier Chatelain

  • Cage Free

    Cage Free (2010)
    Film (Thriller) Script consultant The daughter of a meat producer is kidnapped, the ransom:- No More Factory Farms.


  • Honorable Mention at the Thunderbird International Film Festival Script Competition

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