Stephen A Long

Stephen A Long

Upstate Down Video Production

Camera operator, cinematographer and crew in Syracuse, New York

About Stephen

Sony Fs7

Lighting package:

1 x 2'4bank kino

2 x diva 400

1 x 1k rifa

1 x 1k lowel

1 x Genaray led 7100T

1 x 12'x12' (or 6x6) frame

2 x 18"x24" flag & net kit
(2 solid, single, double)

1x 12'x12' solid
1 x 12'x12' diffusion
1x 12'x6' unbleached muslin

Name: Stephen A Long

Lives in: Syracuse, New York

Company: Upstate Down Video Production

Occupation: Camera Operator, Cinematographer, Crew, Director, Director of Photography, Editor, Filmmaker, Gaffer/lighting Technician, Grip, Key Grip, Producer and Videographer


  • Wildflower

    Wildflower (2016)
    Film by Nicholas DiBella (Drama and Thriller) Camera and Electrical Department When a college student starts having a reoccurring nightmare, she begins to believe that it's a suppressed memory. Her search to find the answers forces her to confront her past traumas, while at the same time, helps her unlock a mystery that may bring a killer to justice. Written by Faith Street Films

  • American Dresser

    American Dresser (2016)
    Film by Carmine Cangialosi (Adventure and Drama) Camera and Electrical Department John, a widower still trying to cope with the death of his wife and the fractured relationship with his family, and his best friend Charlie, who has been battling his own demons, embark on a cross-country trek on vintage motorcycles to meet John's newly-discovered adult son. They both discover more about themselves in the process.

  • We Are Still Here

    We Are Still Here (2015)
    Film by Ted Geoghegan (Horror) Camera and Electrical Department After their teenage son is killed in a car crash, Paul (Andrew Sensenig) and Anne (Barbara Crampton) move to the quiet New York countryside to try to start a new life for themselves. But the grieving couple unknowingly becomes the prey of a family of vengeful spirits that reside in their new home, and before long they discover that the seemingly peaceful town they've moved into is hiding a terrifyingly dark secret. Now they must find a way to overcome their sorrow and fight back against both the living and dead as the malicious ghosts threaten to pull their souls - and the soul of their lost son - into hell with them. Written by Dark Sky Films

  • Stony Hearts

    Stony Hearts (2015)
    Film by Spencer Slishman (Short, Comedy, Drama and Thriller) Camera and Electrical Department Secrets, deaths, and opportunities; and they hardly even knew her name! This is the story of how the untimely death of a college student forever changes the lives of her room mates.

  • The Wish Horse

    The Wish Horse (2014)
    Film by Lisa Ford (Short, Drama and Family) Camera and Electrical Department The Wish Horse is a short film about Russell, 14, who is struggling to take care of his 6 year-old sister, Kitty, after their mother abandons them. When a foal is born on a neighboring farm, Kitty believes the foal is magical and can grant wishes.

  • Adult World

    Adult World (2013)
    Film by Scott Coffey (Comedy) Camera and Electrical Department Amy, a naive college graduate who believes she's destined to be a great poet, begrudgingly accepts a job at a sex shop while she pursues a mentorship with reclusive writer Rat Billings.

  • Crucible

    Crucible (2013)
    Film by Stephen Long (Short, Action, Sci-Fi and War) Writer The oppressive 'interim' government has outlawed the rights to assembly, religion, bearing arms and self expression. Abby, John and their band of Opposition Artists risk life and love to appeal to their countrymen and foreign powers for help. Dodging the watchful eyes of interim leader Parris and his secret police, the Opposition smuggle their artistic statements to underground gatherings that serve as meetings to plan the rebellion. With the police closing in, time is short to affect the change the country needs. Written by Stephen Long

  • Man from Shaolin

    Man from Shaolin (2012)
    Film by R.T. Wong (Action and Drama) Camera and Electrical Department 32nd generation Chinese Shaolin Fighting Monk Li Bao Xin must immigrate to New York City to look after young Janie, his six-year-old niece. Struggling to make a new life, Li Bao will face challenges that test his character more than his physical strength. Through it all, his mind remains filled with the heroic stories of the Shaolin Temple, a great tradition that defines him, but also makes his assimilation to western culture more difficult. While in China he was a venerated master, in America he is nobody. To make a life for him and Janie, Li Bao must contend with a modern society, where his great fighting skills and heroic lineage have little meaning. He will have to decide which is more important, his dreams or his family. Written by Richard T. Wong

  • Identical

    Identical (2012)
    Film by Seo Mutarevic (Thriller) Camera and Electrical Department Identical twins are born, one is good and one is evil. They need each-other to exist, but they deeply resent the others existence. They both fall in love with the same woman. A love triangle forms which leads to murder.

  • Keep the Lights On

    Keep the Lights On (2012)
    Film by Ira Sachs (Drama) Camera and Electrical Department It's 1997 and New York City is in a state of intense flux when documentary filmmaker Erik Rothman (Thure Lindhardt) first meets Paul Lucy (Zachary Booth), a handsome but closeted lawyer in the publishing field. What begins as a highly charged first encounter soon becomes something much more, and a relationship quickly develops. As the two men start building a home and life together, each continues to privately battle their own compulsions and addictions. A film about sex, friendship, intimacy and most of all, love, Keep the Lights On takes an honest look at the nature of relationships in our times. Written by Anonymous

  • Missed Connections

    Missed Connections (2012)
    Film by Martin Snyder (Comedy and Romance) Camera and Electrical Department Love is not luck... it's strategy. When IT guy Josh finds out his secret office crush has posted a 'missed connections' ad to find the ideal man she bumped into for a minute, he decides to post his own ad to woo her. When that idea goes all wrong, Josh's mistake unexpectedly brings him closer to his beloved than he ever dreamed. Written by Anonymous

  • What Comes Between Fear and Sex

    What Comes Between Fear and Sex (2011)
    Film by Anna Nuse (Short and Drama) Camera and Electrical Department An allegorical triptych, What Comes Between Fear and Sex chronicles the emotional turbulence of a teenage couple who leave the prom and enter a wilderness of confusion from which they may never return.

  • Against the Wall

    Against the Wall (2011)
    Film by David Capurso (Short, Action, Sci-Fi and Sport) Camera and Electrical Department In a futuristic city, a man and his girlfriend break into an abandoned hi-tech game park.

  • Limelight

    Limelight (2011)
    Film by Billy Corben (Documentary) Camera and Electrical Department A documentary on former New York City club owner Peter Gatien.

  • Silver Tongues

    Silver Tongues (2011)
    Film by Simon Arthur (Drama) Camera and Electrical Department SILVER TONGUES follows a couple, GERRY and JOAN, who use their talent for acting and performance as part of a dark game. Driving from town to town, the two lovers don different personas to deceive and destroy the lives of the people in their path. But each manipulation begins to take its toll. Soon the performances spiral out of control, and the game itself threatens their very relationship. Written by Silver Tongues LLC

  • Square Grouper

    Square Grouper (2011)
    Film by Billy Corben (Documentary) Camera and Electrical Department A colorful portrait of Miami's pot smuggling scene of the 1970s, populated with redneck pirates, a ganja-smoking church, and the longest serving marijuana prisoner in American history.

  • Spy

    Spy (2011)
    Film by Alexander Klymko (Action, Crime, Drama, Mystery and 1 More) Sound department Jonathan, an electronics expert and spy, is hired to track a beautiful woman with a harrowing past. Little does he know that this will be an assignment like no other. As he carries on with his surveillance, he cannot ignore that his feelings are growing for this woman, his "target". He is getting too involved. It's getting too real. He finally crosses a professional line and meets her, only to find out that her mysterious past is nothing he could have imagined. With the mob after her and time running out, they have to work together to expose the real secret that has been following her for years. Written by DG

  • Tales of Creation

    Tales of Creation (2011)
    Film by Bob Denatale (Short, Drama, Fantasy and Sci-Fi) Cinematographer John and Helen Langstrom are scientists working on a particle collider. After a horrible accident leaves Helen blind, she begins to experience intense religious visions. Is she really being called on a mission from God or is she just going crazy? Or is it something else entirely? Written by Anonymous

  • The Cycle

    The Cycle (2010)
    Film by Roy Clovis (Short and Drama) Camera and Electrical Department Crystal, a loving wife and mother, is the owner of a charming neighborhood bookstore in Brooklyn. Her eight year-old daughter, Corinne, enjoys spending midsummer afternoons playing in front of the store. But the tranquility of a beautiful day unravels when a teenage boy steals her bicycle. While Crystal's decision to call the police is seen as a betrayal by some of her neighbors, others choose to join the search. As events unfold, underlying tensions caused by economic disparities begin to surface. Will the search for a child's bicycle unite this fragile community or ignite a conflict that could blow it apart? Written by Anonymous

  • Rocksteady

    Rocksteady (2010)
    Film by Mustapha Khan (Action, Comedy, Drama, Music and 2 More) Camera and Electrical Department A coming of age drama set in the world of stock-car dirt-track racing, against a heavy reggae soundscape. 20-year old BC, the only black kid on a very white track, sees racing as his way out - and up into manhood.

  • The Position

    The Position (2010)
    Film by Kevin Stocklin (Short, Comedy and Drama) Camera and Electrical Department Young debutante Hope Turnell arrives dressed-to-kill for a job interview in a high-powered Manhattan firm. Dazzled by the wealth, privilege and power around her, she soon finds the interview drifting into unexpectedly intimate territory and must decide how much of herself she is willing to surrender for the role she has long desired. Written by Anonymous

  • Sublet

    Sublet (2010)
    Film by Stephen Long (Short, Horror, Mystery and Thriller) Writer Two strangers move into an apartment with a mysterious history... and the history moves in on them.

  • The Space Between

    The Space Between (2010)
    Film by Travis Fine (Drama) Camera and Electrical Department Montine McLeod, a world-weary flight attendant, and Omar Hassan, a prematurely wise 10-year-old Pakistani-American boy connect with one another amidst the chaos of September 11, 2001. When Montine discovers the boy's direct personal link to the terrorist attacks, she instinctively embarks on an unsanctioned cross-country road trip to help Omar discover his uncertain future. Written by Anonymous

  • Honeysuckle

    Honeysuckle (2010)
    Film by Vigil Chime (Drama) Camera and Electrical Department

  • Love You Back

    Love You Back (2009)
    Film by Julio Barros (Drama) Camera and Electrical Department Tells the story of a woman chasing her dream in New York City who is forced to decide between her expectations and preconceptions and her reality and what she truly wants.

  • The Child Within

    The Child Within (2009)
    Film by Luchia Dragosh (Drama) Camera and Electrical Department "The Child Within" is a story about three young, pregnant women from Bulgaria, Belarus and China, who are lured to America with promises of respectable jobs and new lives. Shortly after their arrival, they find themselves stripped of their freedom and dignity. Their American dream turns into a nightmare of depraved sexual labor. Betrayed by those they trust the most, they are sucked into the belly of a monster called "sex trafficking". Written by Anonymous

  • The Crimson Mask

    The Crimson Mask (2009)
    Film by Elias Plagianos (Thriller) Camera and Electrical Department An outwardly wealthy businessman and a professional wrestler who's fallen on hard times find their fates colliding in an alternate universe New York City where an ancient conspiracy could prove the path to redemption. Their lives controlled by lust, greed, and envy, sharp-dressed Thomas Caine and bruised grappler Parker are drawn into a mysterious ritual that may provide them with the means of making a clean break from their troubled pasts - should they survive their arduous ordeal. Written by Anonymous

  • Alessandra

    Alessandra (2009)
    Film by Wioleta Eichele (Short and Drama) Camera and Electrical Department Alessandra steps into a bar with her boyfriend. The events of the night shock her into realizing he is a cheater. She stumbles out of the bar and disappears. She re-emerges a new woman after a few months. She enters a club and turns heads. Eric and Jennifer, a seemingly happy couple walk into the same club. After looking around for a while Eric notices Alex. He is enchanted and decides to meet her which Alex happily agrees to. The events to follow are different from what he expects. Written by Anonymous

  • Winged Rats

    Winged Rats (2009)
    Film by Manolo Ramos (Short) Camera and Electrical Department

  • The Black Facade

    The Black Facade (2009)
    Film by Adam Vargas (Comedy) Camera and Electrical Department Jackson Blackman just can't get a break. He gets no respect from his roommate or friends, he plays out to empty coffee houses and scrubs money off his grandmother. Just when he thought things couldn't get any worse his car dies, but is it a blessing in disguise? After roommate Kato drives him to a music shop Jackson is mistaken for Jack Black. Kato convinces him that this could be a new and prosperous chapter in his life. That night he meets Farin, a girl that likes him for who he is. After that, there's no looking back for Jackson, he begins impersonating Jack Black full time. How long can Jackson keep his double life a secret from Farin? Written by Cole Behrniger

  • Vjiam

    Vjiam (2008)
    Television (Family) Miscellaneous Crew

  • Lifted

    Lifted (2007)
    Film by Randall Dottin (Short, Drama and Fantasy) Camera and Electrical Department

  • Off Hour

    Off Hour (2007)
    Film by Daniel Frei (Short, Drama, Fantasy and Mystery) Camera and Electrical Department The blaring, eerie rhythm of life comes to a sudden screeching halt in "Off Hour", the story of Bruno, in search of meaning in a seemingly meaningless world. A handsome vagrant in need of work and a good meal, Bruno lands a job at the docks, a cacophonic post-industrial maelstrom of sights, sounds, movements and actions. With his beloved trumpet slung over his shoulder, Bruno struggles to make sense of a senseless world, of the chaos, which is order, and of the aimless, repetitive physical toil which rules life at the docklands. Everything is in constant pointless motion in this mystical dreamscape, but what is the hidden force, which keeps this world moving? Bruno is the rebel who dares to ask "why", and this quest for knowledge drives him ever forward toward his destiny. Bruno's cohorts, a bedraggled bunch of lowly longshoreman, have no idea what to make of the majestic Thor, who magically appears to them like a god from on high. With his strapping physique and his commanding ... Written by Kyriazis, John

  • Lisa's Last Chance

    Lisa's Last Chance (2007)
    Film by R.T. Wong (Short) Camera and Electrical Department Lisa, a troubled young woman plagued by strange dreams, has a terrible vision of the future. She meets with her more levelheaded friend Peter, who she reluctantly confides in. But his skepticism and her feelings for him only complicate matters. Written by Wong, Richard T.

  • The Cake Eaters

    The Cake Eaters (2007)
    Film by Mary Stuart Masterson (Comedy, Drama and Romance) Camera and Electrical Department 'The Cake Eaters' is a quirky, small town, ensemble drama that explores the lives of two interconnected families coming to terms with love in the face of loss. Living in rural America, The Kimbrough family is a normally odd bunch; Easy, the patriarch and local butcher, is grieving over the recent loss of his wife, Ceci, while hiding a secret ongoing affair for years; Beagle, his youngest son who was left to care for his ailing mother, works in the local high school cafeteria by day but has a burning passion inside that manifests itself through painting street signs; and the eldest son, Guy, has been away from the family for years while pursuing his rock star dream in the big city until the day he learns of his mother's passing and that he's missed the funeral. Upon Guy's return home, relationships between the characters begin to unravel; Beagle's pent up emotions connect with Georgia Kaminski, a terminally ill teenage girl wanting to experience love before it's too late; Easy's long ... Written by The Buffalo Niagara Film Festival (BNFF), 2008

  • Shank

    Shank (2006)
    Film by Sean X (Short and Comedy) Camera and Electrical Department Naively infatuated with her soccer coach, and desperate to impress the older, more experienced girls on her team, suburban high school freshman, Lilah, awkwardly embarks on a sexual escapade that threatens to destroy her only true friendship. Frank, funny, and touching, SHANK explores the intersection between adolescent anguish and self discovery. A sweet, unpretentious story about cumming of age! Written by Jenessa Joffe

  • Shadayim

    Shadayim (2006)
    Film by Richard Clement Haber (Short and Comedy) Camera and Electrical Department During his Bar Mitzvah, Daniel struggles with the divide between his ceremonial rite of passage into adulthood and his adolescent immaturities. While family, friends, and strangers alike offer their counsel, Daniel finds himself in a suspended state of bewilderment. Written by Hayden Films Online Film Festival 2007

  • Windows

    Windows (2006)
    Film by Shoja Azari (Drama) Camera and Electrical Department Windows is an unusual narrative with a series of nine stories, each constructed as an uncut shot, looking through a window. Every scene is a voyeuristic glance into the lives of ordinary people as they struggle with their inner and external conflicts and circumstances. We watch them through the windows of their cars, houses, offices, prisons, and apartments, sometimes at a distance, sometimes painfully close. Written by Anonymous

  • Rounding Home

    Rounding Home (2006)
    Film by Philip Abatecola (Drama and Romance) Camera and Electrical Department Justin Mills wants to play professional baseball. He gets one step closer to his goal when he returns home from college and earns a spot on a minor league farm team. Justin also meets Katey, the cutest girl in town. Life has gotten pretty good for a small-town boy. His best friend, Wes, visits Justin at the ball field to congratulate him and deliver a belated birthday card. As the friends race to Wes's house on bicycles, Wes is struck by a car and killed. Justin, who was losing the race, comes upon his friend lying in a pool of blood. This horrific event sends Justin into an emotional coma - he cannot cope with the loss. Now an emotional zombie, Justin receives more bad news: his parents, Rick and Jan Mills, are getting a divorce because his father has fallen for a woman half his age. After being unable to express his love to Katey, his beautiful young girlfriend, Justin learns that she has become pregnant. Justin attempts to cope with these additional life hurdles, but his detachment... Written by Jeff McLaughlin

  • Conventioneers

    Conventioneers (2005)
    Film by Mora Stephens (Comedy) Camera and Electrical Department A young Republican man comes to New York for the first time to be a delegate in the Republican National Convention and falls into an unlikely affair with a girl he knew in college - a democrat who has returned to the city to protest the convention. Conventioneers is an ironic Romeo & Juliet story set against the real 2004 RNC that explores the consequences of the divide in American politics. Written by Mora Stephens

  • The Meeting

    The Meeting (2005)
    Film by Jeremiah Jahi (Short and Drama) Sound department A man goes to meet his father for the first time, and gets entangled in a drama of anger, hurt, and loss.

  • A Perfect Fit

    A Perfect Fit (2005)
    Film by Ron Brown (Crime, Drama, Romance and Thriller) Sound department A psychological drama about an unstable man, tormented by nightmares, who seeks help from a shrink but is pushed over the edge into increasingly dangerous, psychotic territory by a relationship he is unable to control.


  • Syracuse University (Syracuse, NY)

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