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By Karen Buckton

GENRE: Thriller
LOGLINE: A feisty geneticist persuades a psychic who can remote view to help her discern who stole her telomere-based anti-ageing research work, despite the grave risks involved.


Jasmine Power is a feisty and highly motivated geneticist engaged in anti-aging research involving gene therapy and telomere manipulation using a virus. The day she’s due to submit her PhD for review, however, all copies of the thesis are taken from her. The printed out versions are stolen from her car and the electronic versions are lost in a suspicious fire at the apartment she shares with her bubbly and spirited cousin, Amy. On top of this, her boyfriend mysteriously disappeared from her life a year earlier. Peter Heston is an introverted loner, apart from two male friends with whom he plays tennis. His work takes him away for days or weeks at a time as he’s also a very talented psychic who has developed his remote viewing ability to the extent that he can view locations and events in the past, the present and the future. But when the government shuts down its psychic phenomena facility Peter is unable to find other employment which satisfies him, and he falls into a slump. Jasmine, desperate to find answers, manages to persuade Peter to tell her what he “sees” even though he doesn’t want to be known as someone who does party tricks for virtual strangers. He gives her several clues and the culprit soon realizes that Jasmine has worked out his identity. She’s astounded to discover that it’s a person she thought she knew well; someone with a strange childhood which left lasting effects. Jasmine is held captive on a catamaran houseboat and is horrified to discover on it the friendship ring she gave her missing boyfriend. Peter is able to remote view her on the boat and arrives there before the skeptical local police. Despite his depression, his innate fear, and his grave reservations about her work because of a vision of a vastly overcrowded world in the future, Peter gathers enough strength to outsmart the deranged kidnapper and aid Jasmine in her escape. By the time the madman turns his evil attention to Amy the police believe in Peter’s ability. Many thrilling events, and several deaths, occur before the actions of the very disturbed culprit, who play acts his childhood with unwilling participants, are finally put to an end in a forest.

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