Jay Palmieri Jr.

Jay Palmieri Jr.

Actor, director, and screenwriter in New York City, New York

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Jay's Bio

Jay Palmieri Jr. is an aspiring Filmmaker/Screenwriter. He attended New York Film Academy, completing the One-Year Filmmaking Program. While there he has filmed 10 short films of his own. His passion is to enter the Horror movie genre. Halloween (1978) is the film that truly inspired him to become a writer/director. Jay has also dabbled in acting and modeling, but his true passion will alway's be writing. Jay is most proud of his 2 Horror Shorts "Prophecy" and "Delusion", and Comedy/Dance Skit "Lady Gaga Telephone Jay Palmieri & Posse".

Jay's Filmography: (Acting, Directing, Writer, Crew, Modeling)

Acting: (Stage)

1)Grease(2005)- Teen Angel

2)The Music Man(2006)- Tommy Djlas

3)Thoroughly Modern Millie(2008)- Kenneth/Muzzy’s Boy

4)Odds Are(2008)- Rob/The Director/Man In Mask

5)High School Musical(2009)- Basketball Player

6)Unnecessary Farce(2009)- Mayor Meekly

7)Annie(2009)- Police Officer/Servant/Ensemble

8)Grandma Remember’s Something(2010)- Grandma

9)Santa Vs. The Garden Gnomes(2010)- Santa

10)Revenge Of The Gingerbread Boy(2010)- Santa

11)Les Miserables(2010)- Convict #5/Fauchelavant/Claquoes

12)Lady Gaga Telephone Jay Palmieri & Posse(2010)- Grandma

13)Grandma’s Big Adventure(2010)- Grandma

Acting: (Short Film)

1)After The Rain(2008)- Shy

2)Influence(2010)- Chris

3)Crazy(2010)- Man on street

4)Matt(2010)- Himself

5)Production Workshop(2010)- Vic

6)Remote Control(2010)- Lady Gaga/Male Stripper/Killer

7)The Last Event(2011)- Reporter (voice)

8)Maria(2011)- Party Guest

9)Wynter Gordon “Til Death” (MUSIC VIDEO)- Background Dancer

10)Lifeless #beingkindadeadreallysucks(2012)- Hipster Audiophile

11)Mintz Condition(2012)- Dead Body/Old Man

12)Kelsey Chaos "In For The Kill" (MUSIC VIDEO)- Club Goer

13)Ascension(2012)- Cult Member

14)Naked(2012)- Receptionist

15)Maniac Spoof(2012)- Clay (Gay Roommate)

16)Gingerbread House(2013)- Random Customer

Directing (Short Film/Stage)

1)Red & Black Show “Seniors”(2009)

2)Jimmy, The Anti-Christ(2010)

3)Lady Gaga Telephone Jay Palmieri & Posse(2010)

4)Grandma’s Big Adventure(2010)


6)Till We Meet Again(2010)



9)Casting Couch(2010)

10)Different Direction’s(2010)



13)The Girl’s(2011)



16)Maniac Spoof(2012)


1)Red & Black Show “Seniors”(2009)

2)Lady Gaga Telephone Jay Palmieri & Posse(2010)

3)Grandma’s Big Adventure(2010)


5)Till We Meet Again(2010)



8)Casting Couch(2010)


10)The Girl’s(2011)



Extra: (Television/Commercial)

1)Hite Beer (ft. PSY)- Concert Goer (DURRO)

2)Twisted- pilot episode (ABC FAMILY)

3)The Carrie Diaries- 3 episodes (THE CW)

4)King Of Oneiros- Extra (NYFA)

5)Lilyhammer- Extra (NETFLIX)

Miscellaneous Crew: (Short Film)

1)Maria(2011)- Boom Operator (Dir. Kevin Tati)

2)Angst(2011)- Boom Operator (Dir. Manish Lakra)

3)Death Bet(2011)- Assistant Boom Operator (Dir. Andrew Raska)

4)See No Evil(2011)- Boom Operator/Grip (Dir. Lee Yang Chris)

5)Mary Jane's Last Dance(2011)- Grip (Dir. Jeff Holmden)

6)Lifeless #beingkindadeadreallysucks(2012)- Continuity Supervisor (Dir. VP Boyle)

7)Pressure(2012)- Key Grip (Dir. Daniel Coimbra)

8)Mintz Condition(2012)- Grip (Dir. Stefanie Coimbra)

9)Catherine Porter "A Good Day To Die" (MUSIC VIDEO)- Playback/Script Supervisor/Set Photographer (Dir. Sean Robinson)

10)The Sign(2012)- Boom Operator (Dir. Fede Portugal)

11)Naked(2012)- Script Supervisor (Dir. Sean Robinson)

12)King Of Oneiros(2012)- Production Assistant (Dir. Dylan Howard)

13)Gingerbread House(2013)- Script Supervisor (Dir. VP Boyle)


1)PhotoFreedom Photoznyc (2010-2011)

2)LIM College (2011)

3)School Of Visual Arts (2011)

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