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By Donna M. Carbone

GENRE: Crime, Mystery
LOGLINE: Personal trainer Terrance Sandefur had many disciples both in the gym and in the S&M club he secretly owned. For investigators, his brutal murder was a descent into an underworld few had seen and left them questioning whether love and hate were the same things.


Total Submission is the fourth episode in the Cat Leigh and Marci Welles tv crime series. Cat and Marci are homicide detectives in the style of Cagney and Lacey... smart, tough, irreverent and determined to keep people safe in an increasingly dangerous world. Terrance Sandefur was a former Seal Team Six member who owned Tres Douloureux, a 3,000 square foot facility where only the most hardcore gym rats – those who desired physical perfection – were allowed entry. Sandefur's devotees included law enforcement and military personnel. Cat and Marci were two of his most dedicated worshipers. Unbeknownst to all but a few carefully chosen people, he was also part owner of the private S&M club, Lashes. When called to the scene of a murder, Sandefur was the last person Cat and Marci expected to see stripped naked and hog tied like a calf ready to receive its owner’s mark. On the floor near what was left of his body lay one of the popular personalized barbecue branding irons available for purchase on the internet. A quick glance at the removable letters gave a whole new meaning to tagging and clearly defined the mindset of his killer – MINE.


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Jeff Reyes

Sexy, intriguing and mysterious, I'd watch this! However, for the logline, I think you can give a bit more about Terrence. It's a crime/mystery, so we need to have a hint of what the show is. Is it a medical, detective or law show? You mention in the synopsis that he's a former Seal team member, I'd put that in there. I feel that it would really set up the twist that he owns such worlds.

Andrea Thompson

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Donna M. Carbone

Thank you, Andrea and Jeff, for taking the time to read, rate and comment. Jeff, I will give serious thought to editing the log line and incorporate your suggestions.

Byron Olson

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Eric Paul Chapman

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Steve Cleary

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Jami Rhodes

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