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By Joseph E. "Duke" Miller

GENRE: Romance, Comedy

James Steele is the world’s most popular actor. The Problem is, James
Steele doesn’t exist. When the American President demands to meet
Steele, the studio sends his creator off to find the perfect man to
double for James. But, the double she finds is flawed and her career
and the studio's survival depends upon her ability to create a star out
of a womanizing roughneck.


Mega Pictures is in trouble. James Steele, the world's most popular

actor is, a computer generated image that everyone thinks is a real

person. James' creator, Bonnie Goodman, has created the perfect man,

at least every woman's ideal of the perfect man. In the real world,

men dress, talk, copy his look, manners and speech. Everyone wants to

know him and be seen with him.

The President of the United States, Elizabeth Overly, wants to have

dinner with James Steele and won't take no for an answer. She's

threatened the Studio's Boss, Max Stifle, with an audit from hell if he

doesn't produce Steele. She gives him six weeks.

Bonnie wants to level with everyone, it's the last thing that Mega

Pictures wants. Leveling would create a financial catastrophe for the

studio. Max tells Bonnie that she created James and it's up to her

find a "real" James Steele.

Bonnie travels the country trying to find a look-a-like but returns to the studio empty handed.

Max won't accept defeat and tells her to go to James' hometown and see

if there's anyone who looks like James. She tells him that the town

doesn't exist. She made it up. Max shows her a map. The town is

exactly where it's supposed to be. He reminds her that she only has

three weeks.

In Olsen, Nebraska, she discovers a farm hand named Harley Rider, who

is a dead ringer for James Steele. But, Rider, is a womanizer with the

personality of a horse fly. In fact, Rider’s so full of himself that

Bonnie becomes physically sick at the thought of having anything to do

with him.

Overcoming her revulsion, Bonnie forces herself to take Rider to

Hollywood where she tries to mold him into James Steele. But, Harley

resists Bonnie’s efforts to reshape his personality and he begins making

demands that even Max Stifle wouldn't make.

Max decides that it's hopeless and invokes the La Bamba Scenario, a

secret plot to kill James in a plane crash and collect the two billion

dollars in life insurance the studio has on Steele.

Bonnie learns about the La Bamba Scenario and tries to convince Max to

tell the truth. Truth isn't in Max's vocabulary and he tells Bonnie

that she has two weeks to turn James around.

Bonnie knows that she can't tell James what Max is planning and, as a

last report, decides to try and use tough love to shape James'

character. James may be an egotist , but he's not stupid and quickly

learns that "his" fans want the whole James Steele or nothing at all.

James meets with the President and is a hit. On his way back he phones

Bonnie and tells her about the meeting. Bonnie's happy for him, even

though she knows that in creating the perfect man, she’s created someone

who she can never have.

At the studio, Max has big plans for James. Money, women, everything.

James asks about Bonnie. Max tells him to forget her, she's a

nobody. James walks out of the meeting and crosses the lot, followed

by a gaggle of fans as he makes his way to Bonnie's office.

We jump forward to the premier of his James' new movie. He helps Bonnie

out of a limo and we see that she's wearing a wedding ring and and is

six months pregnant.

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