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By Véronique Robert

GENRE: Comedy, Family, Romance
LOGLINE: College student Rachel vowed never to fall in love again after realizing that her boyfriend’s been fooling around behind her back with her best friend only to be lifted off her feet by Dave, his best buddy!


Rachel is in Love with "Love" and every time she meets a new man. Her best friend Michelle is always there to console her. When they decide to go dancing at a new club, Rachel’s lifted off her feet and falls for Joe a smooth talking suave “playboy” who has nothing on his mind but a good time. His good buddy Dave despises Joe’s attitude and also has an eye on Rachel. A one night stands turns into something more serious for Rachel but when she falls sick Joe doesn’t hesitate to leave her in Dave’s care who’s secretly in love with her while partying on behind her back. Soon Rachel realizes Joe’s a major jerk who's been fooling around behind her back with her own best friend, Michelle. She vows Never to fall in Love again and buries herself in her studies at college hoping to realize her dream of becoming an Archaeologist. A chance meeting with her all time favorite signer; Billy Idol turns into something more serious. After two days, he asks Rachel to join her on tour but for once, she declines the mouth watering proposal going back to her studies. One evening Dave surprises Rachel in the College library. He proposes they go to the movies, "Just for fun". Spending more and more time together; going to art exhibits, museums, dinner, music concert, "dating". Naturally one thing leads to another. After a few months of dating, Rachel opens her heart to Dave. Tragedy occurs; Dave is called to his mother and sister’s side in Greece to attend his father’s funeral. He hopes Rachel will join him. She desperately wishes she could go but money from a Grant for an internship on a dig is delayed. Her only option is to beg for her father to come through. At the cemetery, Rachel shows up in time. Dave is exhilarated by her presence. After the night’s festivities, Dave proposes to Rachel…, and she accepts finally having found true love!


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