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By Véronique Robert

GENRE: Adventure, Comedy, Crime, Fantasy
LOGLINE: In Scotland for a music concert Russel falls for Annabelle, a Fairy but a magic spell transports then to her world where Murder, Magic and Treachery is part of the Equation but only True Love can resolve the Mystery!


On a trip to Scotland for a music contest Russel, a young aspiring musician loved and appreciated by all, falls through the rotten boards of an abandoned castle where he hits his head and is knocked unconscious. Bernard, a Brownie, in a “Parallel Universe Kingdom,” is roughed up by his bookies to pay of his losses. Desperate, he finds comfort with the Queen while secretly observed by the King of Fays and the Court Genie. The following morning the Queen is found dead. In a desperate attempt to conceal the truth the Genie (Tempesta) convinces the King to arrange a wedding between Annabelle and Bernard. She seals the kingdom with a curse. Annabelle runs away hoping to find help to solve her mother’s death. She crosses over to Russel’s world. Russel, recovering from his fall, is immediately bewildered by her resemblance to Anna, a coroner he secretly loves and tries to question her. Russel grabs Annabelle’s hand before she escapes which transports them back to HER world. At his insistence, she tries to explain the events past and her fears to Russel. With his help and trusted friends, Constable Berling and Doctor Hass, they will gather clues that will help them find the truth. Hoping she might find answers from her Uncle Theo, Annabelle visits him only to learn that the curse will be permanent if it’s not broken within the next 48 hours, but how? Theo will not say. It’s up to her to discover the solution. Russel is intercepted and made prisoner by Bernard. Locked up in a dungeon, Russel escapes with the help of a Pixie and finds Constable Berling to fill him in on all the information discovered so far. Using modern techniques Russel shows them how to finally unmask the killer. They meet with The King, Tempesta and Theo to confront them with the facts, and they also learn secrets and heartbreaking truth. When all is resolved and the guilty party arrested, Russel realizes it’s time for him to go back home. On a whim he kisses Annabelle, a kiss she returns, which breaks the curse. True Love could only break it. Russel wakes up in a hospital bed alone, head bandaged and throbbing. A delicate silhouette, that of Dr. Anna walks in. Realizing she has been standing at his bedside all along, he summons the courage to ask her out. Overjoyed she accepts and leaves him with a kiss and the prospect of a real date with him.


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