Josh Mitchell's Reel

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"Pissing on the Pulse of the Planet" - Dirty Book

Buy Mitch Mitchell's book "Pissing On The Pulse of the Planet" by sending $12 on PayPal to

"Germ of a New Insanity" - Teaser

This is an explosive avalanche of a book dripping with Dionysian escapism and pop culture fun. The story follows the turbulent journey of an underground writer from Boston who launches a revolutionary new movement called "shit-house poetry." As the leader of "The Dukes of Damage," his mission is this: to spread his art onto every open square inch of public space (restrooms, walls, bus shelters) he can find and in so doing, change the world. You can buy a $10 digital copy or a signed, 1st...

"Who's Your Favorite Disney Princess?"

It's always funny to hear who someone's favorite Disney princess is. It's never funny when your crazy neighbor asks you if he can keep his car in your driveway for one week and it's still there a year later. Oh, and he's washing it and having a party with some rogue cop.


My Weird Neighbor

Last Laugh with the Blackmailing Computer Nerds!

My "transparency talk" with my intern Meg Dick apparently worked as we seemed to get the last laugh with the computer nerds, I mean, dick holes.

"Just The Two Of Us" - New Music Video!

Watch the music video to my new rap tribute to the legend Bill Withers "Just The Two Of Us" Listen to the track here - Watch my valentine to Hollywood's most iconic romantic comedies "Better Than Movies" -

PUB.LIE.SIZE - Meg Dick.mp4

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