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By James David Sullivan

GENRE: Comedy, Drama

A man, too afraid of rejection to tell his soul mate that he loves her, watches while his budding relationship disappears in front of his eyes. This propels him on an epic, dark, soul-wrenching journey as he desperately searches for his destiny and hopes to regain his lost love.


Drop me a request, and I will send it to you.



Finalist, 2014 New York Screenplay Contest, Comedy Division:

Quarter-Finalist, Richmond International Film Festival and Screenplay Contest

Quarter-Finalist, Drama Category, Filmmakers International Screenwriting Awards 2013

Semi-Finalist, 2013 Screenplay Festival,

Semi-Finalist (in the Top 15), 2013 Los Angeles Screenplay Competition:

Quarterfinalist, WMC32 International Writing Competition # 32 Contest:

Quarterfinalist, Drama Category, 6th Annual StoryPros Awards Screenplay Contest:

Semi-Finalist, Winter 2012 Screenplay Search Screenwriting Competition:

Preliminary Finalist, Family and Drama Category, 2013 Creative World Awards (CWA) Screenwriting Competition: (Preliminary Finalists are no longer listed.)

I have been constantly revising and improving this script for over a year, using the judge's notes/feedback from each contest. This script is currently entered in several upcoming contests, and I expect additional very favorable results soon.

Padma Narayanaswamy

The logline is nice

Chanel Ashley

I follow many of the comments you make, and enjoy thoughts you express, but the logline does not resonate - you write well, but the above does not deliver the desired quality one would expect from you - it's okay, but I anticipated and expected more from you - I'm also disappointed you have not made the script available, I was looking forward to read/review your work - you are comfortable listing contest awards and successes, but I would prefer my own assessment - I suspect it's unlikely you were under some obligation not to make your material available for scrutiny - you expect "additional" very favourable results soon - great, why don't you let us judge for ourselves, I would like to read this "great" work and come to my own conclusion - the previous post said your logline was "nice" - I know you can do better than, that - anyway, wish you continued success - cheers.

James David Sullivan
@Chanel Ashley

It also says "Drop me a request, and I will send it to you." Message me your email and I will send you the latest version.

Joel Paul Sciberras

it`s a good script and has very nice story keep it up

Eric Ian Steele

Hi James. Sounds like an interesting story, but the logline needs more spice. At the moment it's boy meets girl, loses girl, finds girl again. What makes this story unique? Is it something about the particular problems he overcomes, like the quarreling families in Romeo and Juliet? Or is it something about his own personality that he must overcome, like in the 40-year-old Virgin? How low does he go in his journey? I would bring out anything that makes this different from those other romance stories.

James David Sullivan
@Eric Ian Steele

It's both. There are outside forces that attempt to destroy the relationship as well as an inner problem as well. How low does he go? He can't go any deeper, that's how low. Let me see if I can figure a way to bring that out. Thanks!

Danielle Shapley

I'd love to read the synopses to this one as well!

James David Sullivan
@Danielle Shapley

How's your reading coming along? I would appreciate any feedback you care to give me. Thanks in advance!

Burak Kanar

An interesting plot which requires a very powerful lead. I can already see a spectacled Eric Bana, Ethan Hawke -- or, just in case you'd prefer to take the journey much darker, mysterious and mystical on the way,-- Secret Window Johnny Depp kill it. Would love to see the whole script. Sincerely, Burak

James David Sullivan

None of those actors ever crossed my mind, nor can I see any of them handling the part well. You don't have any loglines listed on your profile. Have you written any screenplays? If so, have any been produced or optioned? Have you entered any contests? Have you placed (quarterfinalist, semifinalist, finalist, winner, etc.)? Are those movie clips you mentioned on your profile page all student projects? Just trying to get a better idea of where you are in your career.

James David Sullivan

A newer version of my logline has been posted. I will be grateful for any feedback you care to offer.

Iris Ebia

Let me know if you need music for this project, I've got quite a few that will fit and sound perfectly for your project.

Mordechai Landsberg

please send me the screenplay's DONA ROSE synopsis. regards- m. Landsberg

Janet Scott

Guess what I found snookums...

Janet Scott

I enjoyed listening to you read the letter.

Janet Scott

I am now trying to find the link I clicked.

Janet Scott

Yes, it was the one.... Very nice it was too.

Jesse Torres

This sounds like a timeless piece. I would love to read it, it kinda reminds me of a recent short I just did called "The End".

Jesse Torres

Ps. I really like the title as well!

Jesse Torres

I'll trade you my private Vimeo link for a read!

Michael Hardy

The concept of fear of rejection is probably so universal that this part of the log line resonates easily with a reader. The "...epic, dark, soul-wrenching journey..." is more cryptic. It speaks of a grand story and if this is delivered it is probably a remarkable work. However there is a risk that the actual screenplay cannot live up to the log line. The reader has little to work with about the nature of the journey and some may not have the leap of faith to go from reading the log line to reading the script. As presented here, with the benefit of seeing its success in competition, a reader might have the faith to go on, but without the information about the awards it is possible that some readers of the log line might be intrigued, but perhaps not intrigued enough to read on.

James David Sullivan

There is a risk that the sun will not rise tomorrow. People have to accept the risks, or life will never be fully enjoyed. Most people who wonder if a logline delivers, asks for a synopsis or a treatment to see if the story does deliver. It's an old saying, but you can judge a book by its cover. And you can't judge a script by its logline.

James David Sullivan

I saw a sign today that applies well in this situation. "It's better to be an optimist; you can always cry later on."

James David Sullivan

Michael Hardy, I can't find you or any of your projects listed in IMDb, although you list on your Stage 32 personal information page several director and producer credits and two script consultancy credits. I also can't find "Antman International" which you list as an award you won in 2012. Can you shed some light on this? Are we dealing with a "glass house" situation here?

Franklin Israel

The Log Line is fantastic. Welldone

Moses L'etoile L'etoile


Yibain Emile-Aime Chah

Great Logline.

Amit Kanade


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