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By Andrew Riley

GENRE: Sci-fi, Thriller

With her two children, an android detective escapes her country's A.I. witch hunt, but when she discovers an underworld of android slavery in her new home of the famously free Crescent City she vows to end the oppression herself. It's Blade Runner meets Daredevil.


In 2045, androids are considered citizens. But not everywhere, and not everyone. In a city built over the ashes of Los Angeles, a vigilante android seeks to free as many as she can from bondage and bloodshed.

Pilot: Claudia and her two children manage to escape the theocratic nation New Salem and hightail it west to Crescent City where they hope a bright new future awaits. But it’s not what they were expecting. They are left with no transition kits (new clothes, IDs, living quarters, work, etc.) and must navigate the city on their own. However, when Claudia helps MINA, an undercover cop attempting to expose the slavery underworld, she meets and kicks the crap out of Det. Trance.

Det. Trance, sympathetic to their plight, sets them up with new digs, but Ava’s been receiving help from an unseen guardian angel. It’s not clear whether this person has her best interests in mind especially when he or she leads Ava to the body of Mina. Once Trance elaborates on how nothing can be done to investigate his former partner’s murder, and how many androids die on a daily basis, Claudia agrees to join him on his quest to end this insidious industry once and for all.

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